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Please can you guys give me any tips?

please? :frowning:


Hello @cloeconnell, how are you doing? I just took some time to look at your Gig? Firstly I like to know what you refer as ‘‘model/live subject’’? Are you going out and shoot some photos of real-life models/people. Or are you referring to stock photo models? This is what makes me as buyer very confused? Maybe you should add this more clearly in your Description?

Secondary, your models on your Gig images hasn’t a pure white background, which I think they should as your Gig offers ‘‘5 professional pure white images, 5 lifestyle images with model’’

Your buyers expecting this to see on your Gig. Also, it would make your images stand out a lot more when only showing their faces with a white background.

Third, in your long description, you should write a little more about you and your passion for photographing. Buyers rather see this than a bunch of features that are common sense: GET RID OF IT ALL!! No point of showing ‘‘what this is all good for’’. Buyers know this!!!

What this Gig is Good for:

✪ E-Commerce
✪ Website
✪ Marketing or Advertising
✪ Social Media
✪ Amazon
✪ Etsy
✪ EBay

Fourth, last but not least and most importantly. I see you only use 1 tag and that’s ‘‘overview’’??? Why, How? no wonder you missed out on a lot of viewers???

What about keywords, or as Fiverr describes them as Tags such as:

product photography
professional photos

I hope I have given you valuable information here. Good luck and if you have any further questions please feel free to ask. I love to help people out especially if they come from South America as I myself is half Dutch/Colombian. :rofl::joy: To your success. Kindly Humberto


Hi,im from Brasil so, my English is so poor

I want say in my gig im going out and shoot some photos of real-life models/people.
how can I talk that?

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Hi there @cloeconnell, I think your English is fine. Maybe you can add something like this. I’m shooting real-life models outside and professionally

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I want say something like
i will shoot your product with the model
my gig’s name is confused? did you think that someone will understand?

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better to change your Title to ‘‘I Will Shoot Professional Lifestyle Photography’’

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With the keywords that I just sent to you will fit perfectly in your Title…your gigs are going to run like wildfire

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thank you <3 :star_struck::heart_eyes:

Because you can’t change gig URL, for that you need to create new gig with new title.