Please can you talk me why i can't get any job..?



Are those logos listed on your gig photos YOUR actual work?


I am so sorry to hear that you can’t any job…the main reason why you cannot get any job is because there are more sellers than buyers on fiverr…Since fiverr connects buyers and sellers together, Fiverr does a good job of getting lots of sellers to post their gigs but fiverr is not good at bringing buyers to its website…

I hope you make lots of sales or get lots of jobs soon…


Yes.but some of logo idea i see before create.but all of logo i create.


The problem is that the market is saturated with logo designers and you don’t have any reviews on your work. You need to find atleast 1 buyer who will say something positive so your gig goes up in rankings and people will trust you to go to you.


Well for a start I can see that some of your logos are on another sellers gallery.


Actually one of you have made EXACT copies -

Remember trust goes a long way in business so my advice would be to delete the gig start again with your own work or tell the other seller to remove your work from their gallery

Whichever is the correct senario