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Please cancel this order

one buyer give a order which I do not want to do I cancel again again but he do not accept and when it become let he cancel this and spoil my rating and again send a order and now I again cancel this but he do not cancel this what can I do please help, the buyer is worldtraveler21, and the order no is #FO28A2085F28 the previous order no is #FO37B21560D6 pleas I want to block this person

Contact Customer Support and they will cancel the order for you… There is no point of posting your order number and buyer/s username here.


Contact Customer Support

Don’t fret. I cancel ridiculous orders all the time. It doesn’t matter if they don’t cancel on their end, it will cancel automatically after 3 days. It will not affect your rating unless wait. Nobody expects you to fulfill an order for a “pie in the face” unless that is your gig.

Your illustrations are amazing! I see you got these cancelled.

You cannot cancel any order on your hand all you can do is just send a request for cancellation… In his/her case the buyer is rejecting the request
so he/she cannot cancel the order without CS help.

Mutual cancellations agreed by both parties will not affect your profile. however, if you or the buyer request a cancellation and the opposite party does not agree and it is cancelled in 2 days automatically that will have negative effects and will be calculated as cancellations by fiverr and will affect your levels