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Please check if my profile is okay

I just started out on Fiverr a couple of days ago and I wanted to see if my profile was okay.

For the gigs, I recommend to give all the details for the clients. Well, if I am a buyer, I will not understand what to order from you. Please make the details of your gigs more detailed and interesting. An ''eye-catching" gig will bring you success. Also, always be online. Also, try TO change your photos for the gigs. 2 of the gigs have the same photo and that is not okay

hello dear colleague! I visited your profile and I have found that optimal stressed to customers that your articles and your works are not false. A tip for you:
-the images that you have chosen as the cover are all the same style and is a good thing. But try to make them more attractive and more explanatory for the customer, so they stand out compared to those already present on Fiverr and attract a “glance” the customer’s attention.
-you be more explicit about the services that by and schematic. Customers read many vendors pages and therefore must immediately seize the main points. You can sottolinare the essential points with the highlighter.

I hope I have been helpful :slight_smile: