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Please check my account and give me a solution

hi Fiverr Support team,
I am new user in fiverr,but in past I worked in designing.Recebtle I create my account in, I have not proper knowledge about fiverr.In my account I have added FACEBOOK and other some social media link in profile.Is it break fiverr rules??please check my account and give me a solution.I am waiting for support team response…I also want to know how to get my first order in fiverr.
Thanks Advance


If you want people to critique your Gig, you should at least leave your link - most are not going to want to do the work of finding your Gig to look at it.

Also, you are not allowed to have offsite links or contact (Facebook) within your Gig.

You have 9 minutes of read time on the forum. If you do a search for the topic of “how to get my first order” using the search icon in the upper right hand corner of this page, you will see this question has been asked and answered numerous times already.



Where Fiverr asks you to link certain accounts you’re allowed to do that. But you’re not allowed to add links to sites in the profile description or gig descriptions unless they’re in the list of allowed URLs that is shown at the bottom of this page:


Please take your time and watch this and read all of the info here:


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thanks for your valuable advice

Thanks for your friendly communications,
Please give me some creative idea to increase me knowledge about fiverr,
Advance Thanks