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Please check my gig and give me suggestions to improve

Hello guys,

I’m new to hear and hope you will help me. I know everybody in here are very friendly. Please check my gig and suggest me what I need to do.

Link to gig :

Thanks a lot.

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Actually it looks pretty cool. I’ll wait to see expert’s comments


Thanks a lot albizs. You made my mind. We’ll wait for other comments

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i am just wondering your photos are so accurate but only 3 reviews made me desperate anyways here are the things i found you need to change
Your profile description is meant to explain about yourself your, work, your experience not about facts and standing out its more like promotion or GIG description immediately change that .
you need to do little neat work on description your words are sharp and accurate you need to work on how to put those in right place and take care of capitalisation of words and grammar and highlight important things rest your description is totally fine

And try sharing your GIG and put smiling photo of you and be creative to make buyers interested in you.

And your description is over friendly make it little formal not too much formal just at the level to convince buyers you can ask some expert to it for you.

try buyers request and your GIG doesn’t seem to perform well so slash prices of your services.
Rest everything is fine just small marketing mistakes.
hope it help you


Thanks a lot rites001. This is very useful. I’ll make these changes. Thanks a lot again ! :relaxed: