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Please Check My Gig And Order Me

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Do you mean to order your gig, or order you? If it’s the second option, and I decide to order you, what are the benefits that I get, how will you get shipped, and who guarantees for the quality.

Joke aside, correct the title of the OP. Actually, you sell translation services, but your English grammar is bad. Do you think that you offer the right service?


Step aside please, he is mine! I ordered him yesterday and he has 24 hrs to deliver himself!
But I’m wondering how can I ask for modifications then?

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Two for one kinda deal! :stuck_out_tongue:

Like a special at :poultry_leg: KFC or something.

OP ~ You seem to think it will be an easy ride, it's not that easy!
  • Your descriptions are lackluster, btw.
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