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Please check my gig and tell me wather it's perfect or not

Please check my gig
and tell me whether it’s perfect or not.please also tell me what are the faults with my gig


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I have moved your post to the correct category. :slightly_smiling_face:

I see you offer unlimited revisions. :astonished:

That is not a good idea. :roll_eyes:

Some buyers could take advantage of you by asking for revisions forever. :scream:

The other problem is that there are also buyers that will keep asking for revisions until you get frustrated and agree to cancel. :rage:

Offer a limited amount of revisions, say 2, and charge for additional revisions after that.


Thank you very much dear …but one more this is there any problem with the gig images

Yepp , i think those “Flyer And Brochure” are not design by you , try to show your work

No that is completely my creation
Why just you told it…

i am sorry i just felt like

@vickiespencer Please tell me. If i,m new here. and i have no rating score on my profile. Is that not better to get attention of client by giving them unlimited revisions?

@adesigns61, I won’t tell you to take @vickiespencer’s kind and gentle advice, or mine, if you don’t want to. That’s your decision.

What I will tell you, is to take the user’s words, I’m quoting below, into your consideration. It’s her own experience after suffering from offering unlimited revisions.

Please, read it carefully, and read it completely. Bold is added by me, and comment taken from this thread The client is asking me more and more and I ask to cancel.

If you’re not yet satisfied, please search the forum regarding unlimited revisions, and see by yourself what awaits you if you insist in offering them.


You don’t want to attract the attention of buyers in general. You want to attract the attention of good buyers – those who will pay you fairly and treat you with respect.

There are buyers on this site who will make you depressed and want to quit freelancing for good. You don’t want to work with these. Unfortunately, such buyers are often attracted to unlimited revisions, which is why there are so many horror stories on the forum regarding them.

The delightful @maitasun has linked to just one of many horror stories.


Morning!!! I must admit it’s nice to be welcome to a new day with such compliment. Thank you very much! :sweat_smile:

But I must say, I’m afraid my charm won’t last long if people continue to offer unlimited revisions. If this keeps going on, in a few months I’ll end up like a prune… :scream: :cold_sweat: :joy:


@adesigns61 and @brain_models

You received excellent advice from @maitasun and @ahmwritingco. You will have a better experience freelancing if you follow it.

There are many false prophets :mage: who promote falsely that giving unlimited revisions is the way to attract buyers. They are wrong. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As new sellers, you already are a :dart: for buyers who are underhanded :smiling_imp: and like to take advantage of new buyers. Do not set yourself up to be a victim. :grimacing:


Thank you so much @vickiespencer @maitasun @ahmwritingco Now I will try to be careful. :shushing_face:


You are most welcome, @adesigns61. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t fall on the unlimited revisions trap, and only set a few. If the buyer wants extra revisions, charge for them.

As @vickiespencer wisely told you, there are false prophets, claiming to be gurus, promoting wrong advice not minding who they harm! Don’t let them put a hand on you. And as @ahmwritingco advised you, be selective on the type of buyer you want and need to attract. Quality buyers will make your life not only much easier, but also much happier.