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Please check my gig description. this is perfact?


gig seems fine except the price since you are new seller i would lower the price to attract more buyer until you level up.
good luck for your sales

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I personally disagree with the previous answer. While I do admit that sometimes you have to lower your prices a little bit as a new seller. It doesn’t mean you have to work for peanuts either. I don’t see how you prices are too high. Sometimes, low prices may actually be a red flag to some buyers. It may mean to them that the job you offer is cheap quality. I myself tend to do that. That’s why the saying " You get what you pay for." exist.


it seems fine but you need to lower your gig price as you are New Seller

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Yes, it is perfact. If you want me to construtvly make a critic out of your idea I would say your logos could be a little bit more actualized, modern or less conservative; despites they are being actually pretty impressive (the logos in picture). I do not disagree with the price stated for you 1st.


I’d check the spelling after “Hi there!”.


if i change my low price. face any problem/

now i change low price . its okay?

Two things…

You need to correct your English/spelling in a couple of places.

You also need to get rid of any mention of “unlimited revisions” as that can set you up for abuse from some Buyers who will see that and take advantage of you.

Don’t trust everyone to be honest.

As for your pricing…DO NOT LOWER IT.