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Please check my gig. How can I improve it?

Please check my new gig. How can I improve it. Please let me know your advice.

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When one wants their Gig “checked”, the first thing they should do (besides putting their post in the right category on the forum - you initially had this under “Fiverr Tips” when it belongs under “Improve My Gig” - I moved it to the right section for you) is to leave a link to your Gig.

You should not expect someone else to work harder than you want to when it comes to improving your Gig.



Can you provide the link?

Try to check this info for learning how to present good quality product and also how to sell it

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please check. Thanks

I am sorry but I have to say that your English is poor and the article you show is poor quality.
However you do sell for stupidly cheap pricing. I mean dribbly insane pricing. And that is being unkind to people who dribble.

$25 per 500 words is cheap, most good writers will spit on that price or even six times that price for specialist work.

$10 for 1,500 words shows no respect to anyone. This means that while you may draw in some terrible clients engaged in dubious (read scammy clickbait) work, anyone wanting quality work will turn away really hard and fast.

That and don’t ask anyone to "knock’ you. That is not a word used in business (well at least not this kind of business :wink: ).

I am truly sorry that this is not the answer you are hoping as it will sting. I have been turned aside from writing (and I use that term loosely here) jobs for being “too good at it”. If you are chasing those kinds of buyers maybe this is exactly what they are looking for. Otherwise, please step back and see what you are really good at so you can build a Gig where people who need that thing will feel great about ordering from you.



My content will free from grammatical error.

Oh the irony. Yeh, quite a few grammatical errors. I would amend this first