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Please check my GIGs and recommend

I created 5 gigs, about 20 days ago but still getting no order. Please check my gigs and suggest me if there need any improvement. Please help me to improve it.


You get leverage to grow your business faster.

You have to more active and try to improve your gig.


Dear shahjalal, Please make sure your description is 100% unique. And Do better SEO. I think you will get order.

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Spend your time on fiverr 24 hours

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Suggest you include the Fiverr link to your profile or gigs in your original post, as that is allowed in this category.


I hope you will get order soon. Where is the to check your gigs?

There is no need to repeat the link. Just add it to your first post.

please help… how can I add the link in my first post.

Use the little edit pen at the bottom of your post.