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Please check my GIgS ..i am not getting Orders...Please help me...Have a look on My GiGs


i am not getting Orders…Please help me…Have a look on My GiGs


please send me your gig link:slight_smile:


It looks like you have a couple of happy clients. Have you tried reaching out to them to see if they would be interested in ordering again?


I have not still get any order yet



I Will Do AWESOME Logo In 4 Hours
Logo is one of the most competitive gigs in fiver. Try to promote your gig on social media, Please rethink about your gig. spend some time on how to create unique gig. keep clam and patience,wait for your first order . Thank you


Thank you very much …i will wait


I saw some useful tips on another thread that might benefit you as well. Follow the thread here >> is my gig dead? Is my gig dead?


I am looking…thank you