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Please Check my gigs

Please check my gigs and tell what are my mistakes in my gigs and i am not getting a single sale…

Thanks in advance

Your first mistake is not checking out the forums and implementing the heaps of advice already available.

Don’t be lazy, success doesn’t come out of a begging bowl.

so please tell us how do success come

Believe me I am successful seller on Fiverr. Just check the successful gigs of your section and try to understand what they have done to attract buyers. I am not saying to copy their images and description but you can have an idea of success far clearer than begging for an advice on wrong Forum section

it’s clearly written in emmaki’s message.
Read everything, and yes, on your own.

Success doesn’t come to you, you go after it.
How do you go after success? You work hard and do your
own research.

Ok well appereciated!!!
Thanks to all