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Please check my profile Fiverr

Hi there,i’m new in a fiverr, please check my gigs,if you interested for the illustration, character art and etc,please call me in a message
Please give me a work

here my fiverr profile link :

Thank you :blush:


That´s not a place for beggars.


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i’m not a beggars,just looking a job
thank you

Add sample and more photos to your gig and describe it in detail.
Work on your gigs, see your competitors how they present their service, follow their tactics.
You will get orders if you take action and update your gigs according to your competitors.
Send offers to buyer request, wish you luck.

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thanks for the direction Sir :pray:

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You have duplicate gigs, remove that and replace with new gigs.

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Okay sir
thank you very much :slight_smile:

You are most welcome, take action, you will get success soon :slight_smile:

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you too sir,hope all it’s okay
stay safe,and take care of health :slight_smile:

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Well, your title would lead me in believing that you are a beggar “please give me a job.” How does that sound?

Okay,sorry about that
will change it
thank you

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