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Please check out my first gig ever and let me know what you think of it


I am brand new to and I’ve made my first gig! I’m hoping to get some exposure and some orders, but in the meantime, please look at my sample video on my gig and please let me know what you think! I plan to make some additional gigs, birthday, general greetings/messages and I also have ideas for some character animations. Thanks very much!!



It’s so cute! :smiley: I might have to get this in May for Mr. Canny.


Thank you both for the feedback! I really appreciate it…when you’re new here and you see so many different things offered, it’s sometimes hard to tell if you have a good idea or not.

And OBG…thanks for my first order! Your da bomb! Seeya later…I gotta go get busy!


Cool idea! Very cute! Are you only going to do anniversary messages? That could limit your amount of buyers.


mangafanatic22, thanks for your time to check it out and your thoughts! I agree, and I plan to put up a couple more gigs…one for birthdays and one for babies (baby showers, hi honey I’m pregnant, etc). I also have some ideas for animated-type characters I’m going to try. Thank very much for the input!