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Please check out my gig. its unique and cathchy, BUT NO ORDERS!

Hello peopel. I am mutahir and i provide the sherlock holmes deduction service on fiverr please check out why am i not getting any sales. Please i really need help.

thanks. I will reply.

I must admit, when I actually looked at your deduction gig, it is fairly interesting. I’d guess you eventually have a chance of going up in ratings on Fiverr search due to the unique nature of the gig (though I didn’t search to compare.) If the image isn’t original, create an original one. Make a video to go with it. Keep promoting it off-Fiverr to increase impressions. Also, Fiverr is not super quick with these things. Besides doing all that keep promoting yourself and just be really, really patient.

Hello Mutahir! Be Patient And Share Your gig On social Media Example You can make your own blog and get traffic to it and share your gig on it Or You can comment On other Blogs Relating To this Topic And Will Surely You will Get Orders! :slight_smile:

Hie Mutahir,

I am new like you as well but my gigs started selling almost from the first day. What i did was i looked at popular gigs in my industry or close to being like mine and checked their selling points, how they were written and how i could do better that hem. I looked at your gigs and the first 2, i’d do a search for popular social media gigs as a little research and for the Sherlock Holmes, i’d do a search for tarot or psychic readers. Though different the service is similar and it has it’s market on Fiverr that you could tap into. Research it like it’s your business (because it is…) Good Luck and happy orders :wink:


Reply to @fonthaunt: thanks for such great advice

Reply to @hamzawaqar624: great advice thanks

Reply to @lilianarice: thanks for such grest advice. Will try out

Reply to @supertalented: Can also has bit to do with your 98% rating. And the gig with the bad rating got removed by you and now people dont know the reason whats behind the lower rating since there arent any comments to read.

That would be 1 reason for me not to place any orders


Reply to @michellll: thats what i think exactly. Will try to get it back to 100 percent. And thanks for the advice. Can some tell me how to get back my 100 percent rating.


Reply to @kjblynx: should i delete that gig? Please do give some more advice.