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Please Check out My Gig (logo design)


Hi all,
I started Fiverr a few weeks ago because I needed to make some extra cash. I thought Fiverr was the best place to sell my services. But I have had one problem; I cant get any sales. I know Fiverr is a very over-saturated market but I thought I might of made at least a few sales here-and-there. So I came here to advertise my services.

If you need a logo please choose mwlogodesign on Fiverr. I won’t do you wrong!
Link to my gig


You have used only a thumbnail image.At least you should use three thumbnail images.


@sabbirhossain96 ok, thanks for the tips


You really need seriously work on your gig.
Please search this forum for all amazing tips. All you did is just removed “stolen” images.

You need to put a lot of thought in your gig and invest your time in its creation. Asking us after changing only one small thing not going to do much.