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Please check out my gigs and give suggestions?

Hi Guys please check out my gigs and tell me how can i improve them in order to get rank and grab my first order.


Hi @amina4370,

I have reviewed your GIG. Here are a few suggestions from my experience:

GIG Title: This is your first impression. It’s what shows up in the search, so incorporate the most relevant keyword in your title so that your service will appear in the search results.

GIG Image: Add attractive images or videos to catch the customer’s eyes. Your images should be original and high resolution. As per your services create a unique and relevant image that explains your Gig and attracts customers.

GIG Description: This is the section where you make the case for yourself as a Fiverr seller. Be clear about what you offer, the added value you bring to your service, your skills, and what distinguishes you from others in your field. You can use this layout for description-

For more tips read this article from Seller Help Center: Best Practices for New Fiverr Sellers

Hope this helps. Best of luck with your fiverr journey.


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On the standard package of your data entry gig you offer 9 free revisions but on your premium package you don’t seem too offer any free revisions. Maybe allow a free revision on the premium package.

The “…fb, instagram add campaigns” gig:
The image looks over-compressed.
It says “…and promote your worldwide.” - I’d change that. eg. do you mean “and promote your business worldwide.” or something like that?

  1. Increase your picture quality.
  2. Give points in your gig description.
  3. Sahre your gig on social media.
  4. Add why people order you.

Thanks i will follow

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THANKS i will follow your suggestions.

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Thanks for spend your precious time on my gig i will definetly follow your suggestions.

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You need to add a attractive gig image, its so important to get first order specially for Graphics design job.

This template is interesting, but that’s all it is, a starting point. Make sure the suggestions fit your gigs otherwise you’ll potentially be adding in things that might not help.

Jump to the end of this list and look into the various (RRD) links. (A free course is linked that I think might be particularly helpful)

thanks i will try to follow instructions.

Thanks i will change my picture.