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Please check out my gigs and let me know what I can do to enhance them!


Hi folks, I’ve finally returned to Fiverr after being so busy for well over a year. I’ve restored some gigs, chose to let go of others, and added two new ones. Graphic design is not my forte, so please don’t murder me for them, haha! Please follow the links and let me know what you think. Thanks in advance!

Help with finding college reaches, matches, and safeties

Vacation planning

Minecraft server testing

Math or science question help

League of Legends help

CMS installations (Xenforo + WordPress)


Most import question: which division are you in? (AKA what is your elo?) :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, great question! I’m in Gold 1 now. I’ve been bouncing around in the promos for Platinum a few times. Sometimes I almost make it and drop the ball at the last second. Other times I end up falling all the way to Gold 3 and work my way back up. I know I’ll make it there within the next month or two, especially after I can get back to my low ping internet.


My highest was G2 on EUW in season 6 lol… After season 7 changes, I just couldn’t play anymore…

Since I am not even a level 1 seller yet, I am not entirely sure if I am supposed to be “prancing about” the Forum and giving suggestions to others. However, I hope my suggestions help you out.

For the finding colleges and vacation planning gigs, I understand the need for you to write your gig descriptions in detailed paragraphs. It can help you vibe better with your customers. However, you might want to consider making it more succinct. Or you could also try bullet points (like what you have for your minecraft server gig).

But in general, your gigs are well written (imo) and I didn’t find anything else that I could comment on.

I wish you the best for your future endeavors.


Yeah, the changes were pretty harsh and significant… They’ve made the meta crazy.

Don’t worry about not being a level 1 seller! Your comments are great. I do agree that my descriptions are pretty long. I’ll look into downsizing them and add more crucial information in bullet point form so that a potential customer sees the important stuff at a glance. Thanks so much! Best of luck to you too.