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Please check out my updated gig 😇


Anyone tell me what I have to do to improve my gig. You can openly criticize it… here is my gig

thanks in advance!


Everything is really well made, the portofolio is clean and appealing. Truly like it!


Thank you very much for your comment :blush:


You currently offer unlimited revisions on all three of your gig packages. I strongly encourage you to remove that offer, and replace it with a limited number of reviews. As long as you offer unlimited reviews, you are required to keep providing as many reviews as a buyer wants, for as long as he wants. Many buyers take advantage of this, and it can cause problems for sellers.

You don’t need to offer unlimited revisions in order to appeal to buyers.


Savindu, It’s a perfect gig and neat portfolio. agree with jonbaas ( ජොන් බාස් :wink:) reduce your reviews. Wish you good luck bro.


I removed that offer :blush: Thank you for your comment… Have a wonderful day!


Thank you for your comment මචං :wink:


Really loving that gig , looks amazing , you gave us some ideas , we have to work on our descriptions and images i think , check out our gig and tell us what you think !


Description looks good , the only thing i would change are the images , the quality seems a bit off and not really eye catching, the first impression on the page is a key factor.


Thank you @vsphotographyit for your comment :smiley:


Hello i believe the gig is really good. I hope you will get more orders soon! Keep up the good work.

Maria S.


Thank you for your comment @mariasereti But currently my gig is on the 5th page :sweat: Let me know any suggestions to improve it? :confused:


:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: