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Please check whether your work have been delivered as promised before rating a gig

Some buyers are victim of this,they are quick to give a negative rating before checking the work done for them by a seller.Later they will end up apologizing and looking for a way to remove the negative rating.

Please try as much as possible to confirm your delivered work before rating a gig.

Kind regards.

I’m a little confused by your post but maybe you can clarify it. If a buyer does give someone a negative rating without checking the delivery, how is the buyer a victim? Secondly, I don’t really understand why a buyer would have a motive to leave a negative rating if they haven’t even checked the work.

I’ve seen quite a few posts where buyers left a 5 star rating in a hurry without checking and then they want to lower the rating later when they do have a problem. The only time I’ve seen a buyer leave a negative by accident is when they either mis-click or very rarely when they get the star system backwards.

My problem is with the Fiverr system. If a gig is stretched out for 30 day, it is marked complete within a day. That’s when the review is requested.

Then you have the vendors who want buyers to review them prior to completing the job. So they will offer a bribe. “If you leave a 5 star review, I will…”

I find this to be unbelievable.