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Please comment about why you would/would not buy my gigs :)

Reply to @regency85: I actually have a regular that buys most of my articles. Without him, I might be at 1-3 sales right now. He liked it so much he came back, and to me if I could get customers to buy once, they would come back because of the quality.

But he is exactly like you said, a business person who wants to outsource work. :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: The image thing is spot on. I did google them. I will change that right away

Bold and obnoxious seem a little harsh. I’ll try to fix that, but which gigs did you mean exactly?

I do agree about the bio. When I made it, I was under the impression that most people on here were 20 or 30 somethings because of the front page being all young faces mostly. I never thought about corporations, and now I realize I really do need to change it.

Thanks for the comment. Please do follow up with the exact gigs, I changed one because it looked bad, I want to know how you feel about them.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: I never thought of that, but you are right. Thanks :slight_smile:



Reword your bio profile. More professional and business like. There is a wide range of ages, styles and tastes in Buyers. Keep it about business. Your education, credentials, awards, honors, the hours you’re on-line etc.

Your gigs are in a crowded niche with big competition. Your gig descriptions could use some help. Explain exactly what the Offer is. Explain exactly what the Buyer Gets and how they can use it. Don’t assume anything! Tell them how fast you deliver and in what format. Tell Buyers how to Buy from you and tell them what they need to provide for you to do the job.

I just made some of the suggested changes, but am still looking for advice. What is most or least appealing?

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for telling me. I’ll try and fix the descriptions.

As for the images, I think they are rather attractive. They show sort of what I do, and are really crisp and good looking, regardless of where they came from. Like you said, they aren’t buying my personality, they are buying my work.

That being said, I find your opinions very helpful! Thanks so much for commenting. I am just afraid my fiverr will go stagnant, and want to attract a lot of customers and repeat business while I can. If I could get them to buy it, I’m sure they’d love it and be back, ya know?

Mish. You need to listen to these two.

kjblynx is probably the MOST expert person on Fiverr, who is not Staff, not a Sheriff, and not a TRS.

voiceoverwork is probably the MOST helpful Sheriff to newcomers - I see more “response” posts by him in the Forum, than any other Sheriff.

Now, my personal comments:

> kjblynx: The people who buy… in large quantities… I’m not saying they are all going to be old fogies…


Whew!.. dodged a bullet there…

:wink: :wink:

> kjblynx: …are going to be people with money…

No they aren’t. Some people with money are still cheapskates, and will scam you (or Fiverr) if they think they can get away with it!

If you want to SUCCEED as a Seller, the people who will give you the most income, have a PRESSING REASON to buy gigs on Fiverr.

The largest group amongst those, are Entrepreneurs! Business owners who need to “outsource” work that they (or their full-time employees) are currently doing.

These people not only have money (because they are SUCCESSES), they also need Quality Work. So they won’t scam you, won’t make unreasonable demands, won’t do chargebacks, won’t… and all those other problems we see Sellers complain about here, when they deal with “bad” Buyers.

These people are thinking LONG-TERM. They want to find a RELIABLE seller, Treat Them Well… and then buy and buy and buy, continually… so THEY don’t have to worry about these tasks anymore!

Mish, put yourself in THEIR shoes… try to see the “world” THEY live in… and write your profile/descriptions/etc to attract THEM… and you’ll be a Top Seller in no time!



Reply to @bigmish: "Point Proven!"

And I know the “regular” buyer you have - he has even posted a compliment on your work, here on the Forum. :slight_smile:

Mish? You appear to be… a bit impatient, shall we say… :wink:

…to “get things going” here on Fiverr.

If so, I might suggest you add more Gigs - and things OTHER than the one type you’re offering now.

Since you’ve already started this “please give me feedback on my gigs” thread…

…and some of the BEST people on Fiverr have responded…

[best modest face] :wink:

…why not take advantage of that?

THINK FIRST… then list the kinds of work you COULD offer (that you would enjoy doing, and/or you can do WELL)…

…OTHER than content writing.

Reply to @regency85: First off, I like you, good sir! Don’t know why. Tone of voice? I can’t hear you though so… Moving on!

Second, I can knit hats. I have a small collection I have made, but that’s not especially good for summer. Though, other countries don’t have the same weather as I do, so maybe something there?..

I also do perler beads. They make pixel art of characters from video games and such…

I wrote a play, and thought about selling it for $5. It’s just sitting otherwise…

The whole reason I joined Fiverr is to make enough money to buy a camera for making short films. My theater group wants to do it. Basically, what I’m saying is that I don’t have a very good camera yet, so videos are out.

Once I get one though, I can play guitar, and I can sing a bit (But nobody ever says you are bad even if you are, so who knows?)

So that is me and all the lucrative talents I have in a nut shell. I just don’t know if there is a market for that stuff. Your opinions are appreciated!

cuz i dont need any of your services :slight_smile: Best of luck tho.

Reply to @biancha: Bahh…Best of luck to you too :slight_smile:

Reply to @bigmish:

> First off, I like you, good sir! Don’t know why. Tone of voice?

It is obviously, because you possess such great taste and judgement in choosing your acquaintances, good sir!

[best modest face] :wink:

> I can knit hats… I also do perler beads…

Hmmm… I think thou needest help frometh a Podling Expert, like Celticmoon, perhaps?


> I wrote a play… I can play guitar… I can sing a bit…

> So that is me and all the lucrative talents I have…

Uhhh, “lucrative” [cough], is not the word I would have chosen… [cough, cough]

:wink: :wink:

> nobody ever says you are bad even if you are…

So true. [lol]

Ok, Mish. What I was hinting at… and maybe too SUBTLY… was other gigs relevant to what I told you earlier.

Remember? Putting yourself in your Best Buyer’s shoes??

So something more along the line of Business Skills, VA Skills, or… dare I say it… SEO & Internet Marketing?

Trying to help you,


P.S. You could always create a “Tip” gig, telling people the story of your aspiring to purchase a new camera for your theatre group (a charitable cause, I presume?)… so that you can produce the next “Great American Short Feature Film”.


Reply to @regency85: I guess by “Lucrative” I meant I might be able to make money from them. Possibly. Also, I can honestly say I have never picked up on a hint. Thank you for clarifying, that is actually a really awesome idea.

If you ever…And I do mean ever…Need an article or short story or something of that nature done, hit me up. Tell your friends. Tell you enemies. Tell you Ex. Well, maybe not your Ex…

P.S. It is a charitable cause. I would use the camera for the theater group, and as cliche as it sounds, it keeps the kids off the streets. Also, we film our performances, but the camera we have is rubbish compared to the one I have in mind. We could sell more DVDs which in turn allows us to do more productions. They also offered to help me make my short film, and that is just a project I’ve been dreaming about. I can’t even drive places without thinking “Oh, that would be amazing for this scene!” or "The lighting is beautiful over there!"

Thanks for the stellar advice,


Reply to @bigmish:

> Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell your Ex… well, maybe not your Ex.

See? Now THAT kind of written humour, tells me you’re a good writer! :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if there’s a way you could incorporate your “dry wit”, into the description of one (or more) of your writing gigs…?

(Obviously, NOT a “serious” business-content writing gig.)

> P.S. It is a charitable cause…

Ok! See? What you wrote above is the beginnings of a great STORY, for use in the description of your “Tip” gig.

…STORY [hint]

…And you say you write STORIES in one of your gigs. [Hint]

…And you need a STORY writer to write the description for your new “Tip” gig. [HINT!]

Did you feel that SUBTLE BRICK… bouncing off your head just now?

:wink: :wink:

Reply to @regency85: Listen, you might be my spirit animal. I think my only problem is just getting my name out there. I swear by my writing. I think people would like my articles and my stories, but the trouble is getting people to buy! Do you know of any really good places to advertise?

Reply to @bigmish: :slight_smile:

I’m afraid to ask what KIND of animal you think I am…


“How To Promote My Gigs” seems to be a competitor for Most Frequent (Seller) Post on the Forum!


Fortunately, this means you can do RESEARCH.

Use the Fiverr Forum search function. You’ll see many newer such posts - ignored - because the veteran sellers are SICK AND TIRED of them!

However, you’ll also find a few “gems”, where the kindest sellers have included links to valuable PAST forum posts - where Top Sellers (and other Smart Sellers) DO provide valuable “tips” on how to promote your gigs as a newcomer.

Good Luck! :smiley:

And I have to crawl back into my animal hole-in-the-ground - it’s past midnight - so Goodnight My Friend! :slight_smile:

Reply to @regency85: Goodnight to you as well!

Reply to @bigmish: bah? Why ask why wouldnt people buy your gigs to just “bah” them when theyre honest? Bah to you, no cookies for you, why wouldnt i buy your gigs? Cuz u treat people like doo doo.

i take back the " good luck" .

eat a dead bunny.

Reply to @regency85: i also play guitar, i have a few EP’s out on the internet, lets make a band! Who else wants in?

For $5 you can be in our band! LOL

btw bravo regency, bravo.