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Please comment on how to improve my Gig!

I offer more words than some of the top sellers, and want more buyers check these out and please give me advice on how to improve :slight_smile:

Here’s my two:

Add video, add keywords, build a following on social pages to relay your gig back to them. Build backlinks to your actual gig pages and focus on set keywords(numerous free tools to give you an idea of keywords that are of low competition that bring in traffic.)

Reply to @freelancemm: Do you have any specifics on this SEO thing? Where do the keywords go. I always though only tags mattered, but it seems like there is alot more to it. Thanks for commenting, I don’t know why people are so adverse to giving feedback. :slight_smile:

@bigmish Generally title+first sentence of gig matter most. Tags are helpful, but most orders at least in my opinion don’t come from Fiverr but rather people finding gigs on search engines.

Note that after I think it’s about 5 to 6 words(or less depending on word length.) it gets cut off in search engines so pretty much beyond that point the words aren’t helpful. A good reference is to search in search engines, “draw simpsons character” without the quotes. You’ll get relayed easily back to a Fiverr gig of which has 97 orders pending. By building value to a gig page or if you choose a low competition set of keywords you could rank on page one just the same. Not only is their keyword in their title, but it’s in the link title visible by search engines as well as in the description. One of the more “spammy” methods is using the keyword more than once to emphasize a keyword. If you search “logo” in Fiverr’s search, you’ll see that a lot of the top gigs mention the word “logo” more than once in a short title. Not exactly ideal for ranking in search engines, but helpful for ranking in Fiverr, sadly.

One’s even I will a logo, LOGOS for $5 with 22 orders pending. Samples are ok but not exactly the most impressive of logos. Most important to note is the gig I am referencing isn’t even a month old yet and the title is totally nonsensical but the description is clear.

Reply to @freelancemm: Wow, I never thought about it, but you are 100% right. Thanks so much for the advice. You are the first person to explain it clearly. People are so weird about commenting helpful things. You are the best kind of person.

@bigmish Other thing to note is that indexing via search engines can sometimes take upwards of a month or two, so it’s not always easy to tell whether or not a set of keywords is going to work right or not. A little more information into “building value” is essentially creating backlinks for your gig. I haven’t really went through the full effort of this yet as I am a bit worried about getting too high of volume of sales before I fully refine some of my gigs. I still get pretty decent sized orders as I have them pretty targeted where a big % of time people order the extras. People tend to over-think it but it’s really kind of simple to rank on most any set of keywords from Fiverr as Fiverr is already a high value page, sub-pages won’t rank as high but with Fiverr’s over-all page value boosting them it’s much easier to rank here than it would be running your own individual page.

Reply to @freelancemm: So what are back links? I originally thought you meant simply leaving a link to my page everywhere, but this sounds different.

@bigmish It’s essentially someone linking back to your gig page directly. You can create the backlinks yourself naturally via things like Web 2.0 Profiles(YT and the like.) which won’t count towards your gig value but will help to better alert crawlers that your page is a bit more important than your average page. Then other things like simple backlinks for example if you launched a small blog and linked back to the gig page with anchor text(keywords you want to focus on.). Alternatively you could consider those bloggers that if you put a little money into it whether on Fiverr or elsewhere you could get some reviews written about your gig for even more page value. Nothing too complicated, really. In essence, could probably spend 5 to 20 bucks whether on Fiverr or elsewhere and get some decent backlinks made. There are others that can send some general low quality traffic which if search engines see some natural traffic coming into a page at a decent amount, you can actually get ranked higher just alone on that.

Reply to @freelancemm: That sound really good. I don’t have a tumblr, but I am thinking of getting one, and I know a few friends that have very active followings. Is there a way to do this with that?

@bigmish I don’t really use Tumblr so I couldn’t help you on that one. Perhaps ask your friends with their active followings. I think it would be good for like artist drawings and the like. So if you were a logo designer, it would be a good idea. I was thinking more Twitter/FB

Reply to @freelancemm: Well, thanks friend! Check out my gigs if you get the chance, and I’ll use you if I can’t get my business up and need SEO help. :slight_smile:

@bigmish I do some content writing too so I am not sure if I will have any need for your services at this point but I do recommend lowering the word count a bit.

Reply to @freelancemm: I may take it to 600. This is still a bit higher than what seems to be the average, but I can change it once I get a good traffic going.


Keep in mind that your Gig Title URL has “write-a-750-word-article” in it and that cannot be changed. Even if you lower your word count and change the Title, the URL is carved in stone.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Oh really? That’s a bummer. What if I cancel it and create a new gig with the new word count?

Reply to @bigmish:

I mentioned this to you earlier in another post, when you commented on changing your number of words…

Yes, you can suspend or delete a gig and make a new one.

Reply to @freelancemm: Sounds really cool. I started fiverr because my summer job fell through and I want to get a t3i Dslr. It’s a camera that is perfect for indie films. When I get everything started, I might need a narrator, and I’ll check you out then!

Best wishes


@bigmish @voiceoverwork In a sense you can change it(just not actually change the display link, unfortunately.). I changed one word in my actual title, and put “upto” instead of hinting at 500 words but I had a lot of feedback attached to the gig so I didn’t want to go through making a new one. In bigmish’s case, it’s probably best to just make a new gig. Personally I would stick with around 400 or so. 600 even then is still a bit much.

Reply to @freelancemm: So far, I changed it to 600 words. I don’t know if it is just lucky or what, but I got 2 Gigs, one might be another regular just a few hours after the change. Anyway, I agree and see now that 600 is a smarter choice, thanks for the feedback!

@bigmish Awesome, best of luck on growing your gigs. I am working on a few new gigs here soon for both logo making and voiceovers. Hope they go well. Will be starting them after I do some more experiments in regards to ranking gigs.