Please comment on your skill. Need some new skills



We are Digital Agency. 10+ members working this Agency. I am an expert wordpress website designer and seo and smm.

Thanks. :heart:


Hey! Welcome to Fiverr.

You shoukd ask your 10+ members which skills they have, make a list and add them to your profile


5 wordpress website designer, 3 seo, 2 smm.


Good best of luck :blush::blush:


Alright. Glad to hear it. You’re welcome, I guess?


Welcome and Best of Luck!


Thanks for your positive reply :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Thanks for your positive reply :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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The first thing buyers check is your portfolio. One of your gigs is showcasing a website and the address is clearly visible. This means they can look up your actual agency website.

Unfortunately that website is really poorly built and there’s almost no effort made in terms of SEO.
So my recommendation would be first improving your skills in WP & SEO.


thanks :heavy_heart_exclamation: