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Please consider letting sellers choose which gig to promote

So it seems “promoted gigs” came to my category now too, I got an invitation. However, I may promote 2 of my 3 active gigs which I don’t really want or need to promote (so far) … while the one I might actually want to promote is not listed there.

I’m sure there are other sellers too whose “promotable” gigs are doing fine on their own but who might love to focus on or specialize in something one of their other gigs offers, maybe a more niche gig with good potential or that offers something they love doing over anything else.

I understand that there may be criteria like “a minimum of 10x 5* reviews” or such, but it would be good if we had the option to promote any of our “trusted gigs”.
If it’s an issue of “only x promotable gigs per seller”, I’m sure some of us yet may cherish the option to promote even just 1 gig but the one we’d like to promote vs. the “bestseller/s”.

I hope this can be considered.