Please Consider Revision of Search/Gig Positioning for Category 'Translation'


The search and gig positioning for the translation category could do with a little thought, both the desktop version and even more the fiverr app are a bit suboptimal from perspective of both unique sellers :wink: and buyers who want to find gigs that offer exactly what they are searching for fast…

If I was a buyer and already put in from: language A to: language B
and still had to scroll through XX%-80% of gigs for languages C-Z, I might be less than amused and maybe go elsewhere, where search only delivers relevant hits for my query, If I search for ‘English-German’ translation, I don´t want to scroll through ‘Into Italian’, ‘English to Spanish’ ‘English to Thai’, Russian-English, those are all nice languages for sure, but I just don´t need them right now, your get the picture. This is worse with the app btw.

Ranking should give some plus points to gigs that fit the **exact language pair** a buyer is looking for, so that if a buyer clicks for e.g. ‘English to French’, then "I will translate from English to French’-gigs should rank above ‘I will translate any language’-gigs.

New Arrival gigs that are the exact same populating the first results (as of my writing for example 4 x the same gig ‘I will translate 500 words from English into German or French’, yes, literally the same titled gig with the same pic by the same seller 4 x, plus some variation of it, on the first page I get to scroll on my desktop. It´s nice to give exposure to new gigs/sellers for sure, but this might be a bit too much.

With the value that supposedly is placed on unique offerings, it might be time to consider to give unique sellers a bit of a boost in ranking compared to gigs that clearly are resellers.

Lastly but not least importantly: Where the hell has the ‘filter for seller language’ gone?! lol sorry, but that really was a good and important one, am I blind or is it gone suddenly?


Completely agree with your comment! I recently experienced the above frustration when searching for language translators on the main page.

I wanted to translate from English to various other languages and wanted to do individual search - one at a time. Unfortunately, too many popped up not related to what I needed. If I put in English to Italian, German or Spanish - only those should be listed. It would make the whole experience way more pleasant and easier.


Thank you for the confirmation, Gina. I think it should really be obvious to anyone trying to look at it with the eyes of a buyer, that search is lacking.