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Please Consolidate incoming messages into one place!


It is very confusing and extremely inconvenient to receive messages from buyers in the inbox and also in the order update page! Sometimes the buyers leave me messages about the order in the inbox and i keep going back and fourth between the 2 places, in many cases i even miss some of the messages placed in the order page for the same reason.

Could you please find a way to combine all the messages in a single place? Or at least when there is an order simply forward all the messages from the inbox to the order page?

Thanks in advance


Yes! I second, er, third this! I would love to see a feature where messages in the inbox can be forwarded to the order page or as Kjblynx said, give the buyer an option to forward the message to the right place. Having said that, I doubt we could trust buyers to do the necessary. Perhaps give sellers an option to do the same.


Good one kjblynx!

I have this happening to me too, it is confusing and i would have to sit there and figure out which one goes where, lots of time wasted, not to mention writing back and forth! I would like to see this issue resolved.


Great Think I like Resolved This Type Of Issue…


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That is another big please please do this somehow from me! Especially now with custom orders, much of the information is given in the inbox, to have it easily accessible from the order would REALLY help! Especially as some clients like to sometimes use the inbox and sometimes use the order to communicate, often changing each time they send you a message. I don’t think they even understand how hard it is for us to work like that, its not like they are being a pain on purpose. If everything was just together it would be SOOOOOOOOO much easier!


Would like to see this as well!