Please Count every $5 = one Order .. :)


Presently if buyer is placing any order whose value is more then $5, then Fiverr is not counting the number of order as per the placed $5 (may be because only one Order no. is generated for the same.)

But due to this many of us not promoting to next level. :frowning:

So what you think about this ? Please give your valuable feedback.


2 up to $20 plus extra fast


I do not think it would be a good idea to make every $5 one order. First reason, it is simply not the truth. One job for $20 is still one job. Second reason, everyone’s income would be easily calculable. Got to level the hard way.


I do videos and i have MANY buyers that order multiple videos in one order, where many total over $100+ within ONE order and it’s 20+ videos sometimes and not just one order… even though i’m top rated… it really starts coming down to # of orders for rating %%% which adds up and helps (especially for fragglesrock buyers who just negatively rate right away without any discussion with the problem order) Grr… puts a damper on my hard earned 100% :wink: ha ha #endrant but i’m serious… i work hard on here… every order should count somehow!


Reply to @bachas85: Hello, I can offer 13 more gigs in my one Order with extra, means one can place order of total value $65 in a single shot.

This is buyers friendly but not good for sellers.

And yes this is just my thought and humble suggestion. I have no negative intention for fiverr rules …Because i think, i am also one of the member of Fiverr’s team.