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Please critique my gig description and help me increase sales [MOVED]

I’ve been struggling to get any sales and I’m not exactly sure what the problem is. I spent a good amount of time trying to write out my gig description but it still doesn’t seem enough.

I tried to advertise my services on another site like craigslist to try and get customers to come here so that I can build up my reviews and upsale to them but all I get is cheapskates who want to deal directly on those sites.

I’m not expecting a free ride on here but next to no sales is just depressing.

Please have a look at my gig and let me know if there is anything I can do to improve my sales.

My opinion is you should try to work on your tags for the gig. Try to test different tags for your gig

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Your gig is in a very busy category and buyers almost always choose sellers that have a high number of positive ratings meaning that for people like you, it can be very difficult to make any progress. But don’t give up!

First things first, you need to check if your gig is getting much traffic (which you can do from the My Gigs page). If no one is looking at your gig then you will need to use more impressive and attractive gig images and adjust the search tags and gig title to draw the buyers in.

Once you have traffic going through your gig, you need to make them want to buy from YOU. This can be achieved with amazing deals and incentives - it might mean you have to work harder and for awful pay but it will build up your customer base. Once you have a steady stream of buyers, you can reduce the deals and incentives to better fit your schedule.

Hope that helps!

Reply to @giahung_l:

Those stats look great to me. Just imagine, if you could convert each of those views into a sale!

Personally, I would offer double the number of words for free for the first 10-20 buyers… or maybe more! Make the deal look so good that people will absolutely jump at the opportunity. This should boost your sales and get your gig off the ground. As a tip, may I recommend using the “highlight” tool to emphasize the deals in your gig description so that viewers are drawn to the incentives.

Reply to @nicktribedesign:

These are the stats for my gig as of today:

Impressions: 84, Clicks:46, Views: 70.

What’s a good number to have?

Would an extra 100 words as an incentive be suffice? I’m already offering express delivery free of charge already.