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Please critique my gig listing


I’m brand new to Fiverr and I’d appreciate some constructive feedback on my gig. This is my gig:

Basically, I’ve done everything with my listing that Fiverr will permit:

  • Custom heading
  • Descriptive title to match my service category and tags
  • Added a video
  • Included three photos of me performing the gig
  • Included two PDF documents showing samples of my work
  • Filled out my bio with relevant experience
  • Connected both my G+ and FB accounts.
  • A paragraphed description of my gig (I’d prefer bullet points, but they’re not offered)
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • A gig extra for additional content
  • A gig extra for delivery options
  • Relevant tags to match my service category and title

    I’ve tried to keep the description as short as possible but still with as much relevant information so the buyer will confident about the purchase.

    I’m doing some advertising through two books I wrote about the service I provide. I transferred the books to a blog format to pick up web traffic and included my Fiverr badge at the top of the page to invite visitors to act. I’m also creating new content and sharing it to relevant communities on Google+. Last, I’m experimenting with a Google adwords campaign. My budget is $5 per month, and I’m only paying for clicks, so if I get one or two gigs a month I’m breaking even or making a profit. Ultimately, I’d like to net $1k a month with this service, but the Astrology & Fortune Telling section is over-saturated. Maybe some other folks in the A&FT section will see this and offer their input?

    shrugs Anyway, if you have an eye for design or spotting major gaffes in Fiverr listings, I’d love to hear your feedback.


It looks like a very professional gig. If I were to add one suggestion, I’d say add a little bit about what you can give to your customer in your gig description. What are the benefits of ordering?

I liked your headline, I liked your video, and I liked your profile text. When I read your description, I really expected to be sucked in. But it didn’t quite happen.

It only needs to be a few lines long to create an interest or need.


Reply to @sara1984: Yeah, I see what you’re saying and I know why you’re saying it - it only needs to be long enough to communicate the value, but not so long that it loses the reader. What you see there has actually been edited down a couple times to shorten sentences and remove unnecessary words.

What I hear you saying is that I’m too much focusing on explaining the service, and not on explaining what it’s like to receive the service? I’ll have to think how to present it.

Do you think the other things I added are too much? My concern is that if I don’t add enough details about the service, my buyer will club me over the head later asking for things I don’t provide, or something else in that sense.


Reply to @sara1984: I changed my gig description: what do you think about this?

Get the right answers, right now. Purchase my gig today and I will give you a complete reading tailored to your specific question. Tell me what you want to know, and I’ll select the best arrangement of cards to deliver the best answer the very first time.

Your detailed psychic Tarot card reading will be delivered in audio format so you can enjoy the intimacy of a real conversation. Plus, your reading will be securely stored on my cloud so you’ll never lose it: share the secure download link with your friends or keep it to yourself, either way it’s totally safe and completely secret.

And I’ll even give you my money-back guarantee: I’m so confident that you’ll be delighted by the quality of your reading and the fast delivery that if you’re not, I’ll refund your purchase.


Reply to @jamesbulls: Now we’re talking!

At the end, I know several really important things about your gig:

I’ll get results fast

You provide an accurate service

You’re professional

My results are secure

They’re easily accessible

My money’s protected by guarantee

I like it a lot, James. I do.


P.s. You made those changes lightning fast. If you ever need a change of scenery, the Fiverr writing scene would be perfect for you. :wink: