Please critique my website


Hi guys,

After reading some of the tips from the good folks here, I have altered my main gig a lot. Its for Expert website reviews. I have done a squeeze page - come - mini website (google (and me) hate squeeze pages) so I figured, I would try something a bit different. I would make a one page (well two, if you include the PP) site and have all the content on the site. the goal is to encourage any traffic to click through to my gig and if they don’t, then at least share it or social engage with it.

I would love to know what people think and I am very open to people being honest and can handle negative feedback. Its all to make me better.


[Sheriff’s Note: Your website link has now been moderated as it has been found, with recent changes to your website, your website no longer falls into the “allowed” category. Please refrain from posting your website link on the forum. Thank you.]


Thank you very much Wayne, I appreciate your assistance.

Now people give it to me straight - what would you change/improve/add etc? All feedback is appreciated!



Excellent idea there! I will look at tweaking it around over the next day or two, after I have had a play with it.

It is that kind of feedback that is exactly what I am looking for! Cheers again OBG.



I recommend that you make your contact icon more visual the white on white is not good. There are alot of royalty free icons that you can get from smashing magazine.

Pick a few and test them out.

I also recommend adding a liner arrow , to suggest and hit the contact button.

Will check back again and give you a few more hints. :slight_smile:


Reply to @jamesosix: great ok got it. Everything looks good apart from a few things right off the bat contact info is a no no so I saw your hotmail address that wouldn’t be permitted there is just 1 other point but I am going to take that up with my colleagues and i will update this thread apart from that it looks great! Give me a short while


Sure !


Sure will do Wayne, thanks. If there are any issues then I would like to know what they are so I can sort them out.

Thanks and kind regards


Reply to @jamesosix: Could you PM me the link so I can check if it is appropriate for the forum.

Many thanks

Wayne - Forum Sheriff.


so how do i get feedback on site that is purely geared towards driving traffic TO fiverr?

I have seen others post links to sales pages etc. So, why no external links? Is this not a forum?


From what he is saying it is a website purely to drive traffic to his fiverr gig…


its a fiverr gig page that I am looking for top sellers to give me advice to improve it…which section should I do this in then please? Also I’m not going to buy gigs - I’m trying to make money, not give it away. I’m not asking for anything in depth, just a simple “this needs working, or that doesn’t really get the right message across” etc.

I’m pretty confused. On one hand you say “Sales pages for fiverr products or fiverr related blogs are allowed” On the other you say I’m not…


Post in the My Fiverr Gigs section :wink:


Cheers for the suggestion Jeff :slight_smile:


I could not find the email address, but have now found it in the Privacy Policy. That has been fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out. Thanks for your help Wayne, truly appreciated.


Hey there I have edited your post and re included your link. Everything appears inline with our guidelines now. Best of luck with everything :slight_smile:



Reply to @jamesosix: No problem my friend now your on the right track to success, it’s good to see another chap from around our parts too in the community!


James, I have a video gig for this and a very successful one. I will send you the URL in a private message.



@jamesosix, I just sent you a private message.


Good website layout

’Order Now’ could be an immediate turn-off for potential clients. I would change that to ‘Get Started’ or another short phrase.

Consider highlighting the fact that the service is only 5$. You can get away with doing this WITHOUT looking cheap, just make that you are comfortable with the level of professionalism your site shows off.

In other words, if you were to have a few graphics highlighting the $5 price point, make sure the rest of the site screams professional, or explains how much of a great deal that the SAME service could cost hundreds or even thousands in consulting fees!


Reply to @ozzieuk: Wow, really encouraging words! Thanks, means a lot to me. When you say “these parts” you mean sunny Britain? :smiley:

Reply to @arnevb: Thanks!

Reply to @hotwebideas:

Cheers will check it out :slight_smile:

Reply to @fiverphil: I completely agree on the “buy now”. I was trying to think of something more “gentle”, but couldn’t think of anything. Both top notch suggestions, thanks :slight_smile: Added to the to do list!

Thanks everyone, I am really happy with what I have, but these suggestions are going to hopefully take my mini-site up a couple of more notches. I will be doing some minor changes as suggested and really appreciate you guys taking time to give me feedback!

You all rock! :smiley: