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Please Critique

I’ve been the one critiquing peoples submissions for the last ten years and I need help now. I’m a 10+ year HR professional and after reading so many bad resumes I am trying to get into writing them. Please look over my info, tell me what you think.

I am thinking of adding a video as well, has anyone seen that help you grow?


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Please see (DES) point 1:

Also, I’ve gathered a bunch of useful links in the (RRD) section, for more reading topics.

I believe that is what I have posted or is this a automated post?

Hey, let’s blow some minds

Maybe change this in to something more user friendly.

I will bet you anything people will say you offer 1500 words.

Type one instead of 1

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It’s not automated, no, but it is in my usual response to the very frequently posted request: “Look at my me and tell me how to be better.” I did glance at your gigs and mentioned the first thing I noticed that you could improve on. I’m willing to provide a bit of help, nudge in the right direction, but I will NOT do your work for you.