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Hello, I am a Fiverr Buyer
mostly for voiceover work for my youtube channel

I don’t want to come off as a “censored word” person and I do understand that voice actors should receive proper payment for their work. However I think whether or not voice actors should have immediate access to broadcasting right should be discussed. I am unfamiliar with any legal ramifications that Fiverr may face, but please listen to my senario.

So on Fiverr, there are many excellent VA (voice actors) with magnificent abilities and even experience in professional voice over work. However, anyone one with at any skill range can be on Fiverr. So anyone one starting out, with below average VA ability, can offer their voice.

So if you want to throw someone a bone, take a chance on someone, all you have to do is pay $5. No big deal… WRONG. You pay $5 for the order and ANOTHER $5 for broadcasting rights. That’s $10 to someone who’s quality turns out doesn’t even deserve $5. I could have found someone on twitter who would have done the same level of quality for free.

I don’t want to be harsh here but if I paid $5 then I would gave him a better score but because I had to place a $10 order, I rated is service LOWER then I would have had.

The thing is, was his performance below what I expected? YES but that doesn’t mean I want his account to be JEOPARDIZED!!! I want him to continue and I want him to get more experience but because people have to charge more for broadcasting rights, that means newcomers will be rated more harshly and/or avoided entirely for people who are more qualified.

I don’t know if Fiverr already has this policy but my suggestion is to have newly created profiles AUTOMATICALLY forfeit their broadcasting rights and have to earn the ability to charge their broadcasting rights separately. Here are several ideas.

  1. Automatically forfeit broadcasting rights for any order that’s $5. Simple and easy.
  2. After a period of time when you create a gig, weeks or months, then you can have access to charging for broadcasting rights.
  3. Have access to broadcasting rights after you reach a certain level or many even be Fiverr certified professional.

I hope I made my point and that you understand my perspective. My youtube channel is growing but I too started with nothing. And now because of covide-19 (IN AMERICA) money is scarce. Buyers and Gigers need Fiverr.


That’s “exploiting”. Anyone should be able to offer and charge what they want. There a lot of great VO artists but they are new to fiverr so they have to price themselves low for competition

That’s called custom offer and you can ask any seller for that.

Fiverr has equal rights to everyone. They are not going to discriminate someone based on their “level”.

I would also argue with that. To be honest currently 5$ will cost only small 5min job. 5$ is basically a tip you will pay in a grocery store to someone who packed your bags and helped to bring them to the car.
VO artists are mostly qualified labor and non of them deserve to be paid 5$. Or especially as you are saying that anyone would’ve jumped to do it for free for you :woman_shrugging: For free or for 5$ you get the same quality.

I know you wouldn’t like my answers but I’m highly against of exploiting people and complaining about 5-10$ jobs and asking to exploit them even more on top of that and discriminate them on that basis.

What you are talking about is “quality” all quality comes at market rate at least and that’s definitely not 5$


Might as well dive in with a first post here seeing as it’s a topic on my radar.

I am sorry you had a less than ideal experience, and I don’t with to sound contentious but go get a freebie from someone on Twitter then.

It’s a buyer’s market out there, don’t let people charging hold you back from getting sub-standard work.

Putting price before product rarely leads to satisfaction. The last voice talent I hired cost me £200 just for her to walk in her booth, her work was perfect, I got a steal of a deal on that: commercial rights for online and IVR all in one go.

The only issues I’ve had with voice artists is when I’ve put budget over broadcast worthiness. Buying cheap is asking to spend longer in production, editing, cleaning up, EQ, processing, moaning on forums etc

Buy cheap, pay twice as the old saying goes.

Come on, you went bargain basement on the budget, you were at a car dealer with BMWs and Mercs, you went for the cheapest option on the lot, and probably haggled a reduction too by the sounds of it, and now you’re wondering why the beaten up Ford from 1988 it doesn’t perform like a brand new 5 Series?

What did you expect? How did you convey your expectations?

What was wrong with the quality?

Did you give direction? / What direction did you give?

If all you want is a change in the way the VO read your script, doesn’t this fall under a revision?

Buyers of voice here need to realise they’re not just the buyer, they’re the director too and the actor’s interpretation is on the director’s shoulders.

Buyers, please read that bit again, it’ll help you get better results from the talent you hire.

Fiverr’s broadcast rights system is far from inline with the VO industry standards, it doesn’t handle relevant stats like TVRs when it comes to TV spots, and lumbers YouTube and a Superbowl spot in the same category. It’s not perfect, but it can be worked so that a pro can make sure they get much closer to the proper fees, actually in some instances broadcast rights here are more expensive than the Equity ratecard depending on the gig and extras.

Your proposed ideas are like telling a graphic designer they can only include a PSD file once they’ve been active a month.

I get the impression you hired someone, didn’t do due diligence on their demos or them and failed to give them proper direction, of course it’s their fault, you poor thing. If only you spent as much time learning how to direct voice talent, as you did highlighting your lack of knowledge in that area, maybe your satisfaction levels would be substantially higher.

Here are several alternative ideas for someone thinking about hiring a voice talent:

  • Know what makes good audio: honestly I’m surprised how some of the VO gigs on here sell when I’ve heard ear stabbing sibilance, background hisses that made me think there was a gas leak in the house and booming plosives which show a lack of microphone technique, all in the first three seconds of a demo often enough!

I concluded that sadly some clients don’t know what pro-audio is; but that’s cool as some sellers don’t either and that’s where the opportunities lay for those with the skills, and ears to deliver.

  • Listen to every second of every demo: and do it with a critical ear, are there any funny background noises? When they say words with P or B, can you hear a dirty muffled sounding popping noise? When they say words with S, does it feel like there’s a snake hissing in your ear? Are there any strange click noises coming from their mouth? What about echo, are they in a cave?

  • Set the destination on the sat-nav before you drive away from home, You have a destination in mind before you take a journey, right? You’d tell your Uber driver where you want to go before you set off, you’d tell your sat-nav where you want to go before you set off. Do the same with your voice artist, and please do this before you have them driving around without any clue to the intended destination.

  • Be clear about what you want and make sure if you’re dealing with character voices, you know you’re asking something of the artist that they’re capable of delivering. Make sure it’s within their range, something they’ve homed as a voice and not just something random off the top of their head they’re never be able to repeat on further rounds.

  • Google "How to direct voice talent"

As I said, sorry about your bad experience, and I don’t really with to be contentious here but I see the talent being blamed for what feels like a lack of direction to me.

This one falls under the “sorry, it’s you” category for me I’m afraid.

Better luck with the next voice you hire.

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$10 is a fair price to take a chance on someone. As opposed to looking for a more experienced and considerably more expensive seller. There shouldn’t be an automatic 50% discount based on one’s personal perception of quality because there are people on twitter who for some reason don’t value their personal time or effort.

Aside from twitter crowd, there are also “self-taught nephews” and in my field specifically, “our bassist’s girlfriends who took an art class in college” who one can hire for free work in real life if there is a need for that.


I don’t want to exploit people either. Maybe I should do more custom order for newcomers I’m uncertain about. My concern is that for $5 I don’t mind giving newcomers a shot but for $10 I’m expecting something slightly better than someone I could find for free. I have paid more money for outstanding work but I do want to give newcomers a chance without feeling ripped off. I know everyone has to start somewhere but if you’re charging $10, then you need to provide that amount or suffer the rating consequences.

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You have to understand, when I’m looking for voices on Fiverr, I pay several people in order to find a voice and I’ve worked with talented, decent, and above decent people on social media for free. $5 is fine for time, $10 is taking money away from someone who actually deserve that $10.

That’s my opinion, that’s my experience.

I do pay within my budget for really great talent, quite recently I may add. I’ve ordered some amazing talent for an affordable price and amazing talent at a steal of a price. However, I’ve had my beginnings as well, my first voice actress I found on youtube for free. She did an amazing job, she help me out, my video promoted her and she got more gigs. I know it’s a risk to pay for cheaper gigs but I’ve worked with people who I’ve told to increase their prices because that’s what they deserve. They are still on fiverr today with higher prices and 5star rating. I do my best to pick the right voice for the job but everyone starts somewhere so I don’t want to exclude them. However if you charge $10 and you can’t provide $10 of product then you’re going to suffer the rating consequences. And if they loss their fiverr account, that can discourage them from continuing voice acting and I don’t want that either.

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The entire notion of someone being deserving of the entire $10 (which they get $8 out of, btw) is a bit painful for me to stomach. I understand that you want to try out a lot of people and those $10 add up but still, your personal approach is not a reason enough to force sellers at large into a 50% discounts.

Also, “throwing someone a bone” is counterproductive and a tiny bit condescending. I always tell buyers that they should only hire someone they want to work with, not experiment with their own budget and someone else’s time just to see what happens. Then the likelihood of feeling cheated in some way is significantly lower and the overall experience is pleasant for both parties involved.

PS While I disagree with a lot that you say, kudos to you for paying for what are essentially samples. As opposed to try and trick sellers into free work.


also I feel like I need to add you are giving the benefit of the doubt to the VA. I didn’t mention that

  1. either his demo was intentionally misleading
  2. he didn’t feel like taking my order seriously
  3. he’s just not talented or experienced yet.

What I listen to was either someone who didn’t care (I don’t think so) or someone with minimal range. You can’t direct a baby to run when they can’t walk.

It is amazing how you make difference between 5$ and 10$ gig, as if “those 10$ voiceover should have worked hard to earn it”.

You are talking as if 5$ would make any difference for you and any difference for the seller. No it will not. Its peanuts. Its almost the same, especially for the seller.

It is a free market out there, and no one is obliged to follow your way of reasoning and doing business. That kind of reasoning will cause you nothing but pain in your business endevours.

You want to work with someone for free? Find one artist and go for it. You want to pay 10$? That is ok too, find another artist for that. You want to find some professional and pay him 1000$? That is possible to. There is a bit of everything or every budget.

But expecting a quality work for 5$ or 10$ it really beats my mind. Just because that someone performed better work for free, doesnt mean that when you pay 5$ or 10$, you should get something better.

Now for the broadcasting rights: Why do you need them? Do you entirely understand the broadcast rights and when you need to buy them? So its not seller’s fault if you asked broadcast rights, when you dont even need them.


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I may or may not need broadcasting rights, do your own research and you tell me. I have my own youtube channel that’s growing and could become bigger and what I know about broadcasting rights on fiverr is the buyer owns the broadcasting rights to an order unless sold separately buy the seller. Broadcasting right do pertain to youtube channels and I don’t want to be accused of theft or sued in the future.

You don’t know my own financial situation do to covid and you may not know that I pay several people to find the right voice for the role.

lastly, what everyone seems to not believe me on, this person barely gave me a $5 performance but his demos may be intentionally misleading or at the very lease he didn’t take my order seriously.

Here, I am giving you this one for free: you don’t need bradcast rights. You need commercial use license. You should learn the difference.

It is your choice. Then again, you may chose to pay a better artist 30$ instead of paying 6 people 5 dollars.

5$ performance? Performance? The whole problem is that you expect performance for 5 dollars. That is the mindset you need to change. So what is your expectiation for 5$? Quality? Fast time delivery? Exceptional customer service? You should be aware of those people offering 5$ “performance”.

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That’s because it’s a subjective claim and there is no way for us to know what really transpired.

Covid affects everyone. You can look for sellers who will be willing to accommodate your budgetary constraints. But one is obliged to make it easier for you financially.

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You should not be here.
Go to twitter and find someone who will do it for “Free”


I don’t want someone to do it for free, I want the quality that I paid for. If I wanted the quality I could get for free, then I wouldn’t pay for it.

$10 is still a ridiculously low price for a VO. I find it difficult to imagine that anyone charging that would be able to afford good equipment or a studio to record in, so I wouldn’t expect much in the terms of quality.


Paid for? you are talking like you paid a million dollars and now you want joe rogan to come and do voiceovers for you.

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The audio quality was okay, the skill or the effort was the issue. There are many people on fiverr where the audio/skill quality can vary at low price range but I see your point. Everyone has their beginnings.

again, if you didn’t read or didn’t care to read… I pay several people to see if I can find a right person for a role. Giving $10 to someone who didn’t deserve it is like taking $10 away from some who does.