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*Please delete this, I realized my mistake all on my own*

Yes I do spend more on practically guaranteed talent but I don’t want to discourage up incomers from getting work. It’s a toss up for sure at that range.

I used to think that way and am happy to have reconsidered my stance.

My projected VO setup costs here are around £7,500 / $10,000, that includes a double walled recording booth, Neuman U87 AI microphone, Universal Audio Apollo Solo interface, MacBook, DT770 headphones and Mogami cables / Neutrik connectors / Auralex acoustics.

Find me a better spec’d setup for less than $10k and my wallet will love you!

Divide that by sixty to calculate a base studio fee (an hour of recording time).


Divide that by sixty to calculate a per minute / base gig fee.

Over £2 a minute

Next look at how $5 becomes $4 and then in the UK becomes about £3.30, that’s more than my per minute charge per basic gig, and I’ll be able to increase my prices to be more inline with industry standards, as in a BSF of £240 per hour, when I’ve undergone substantial investment in training, and gained enough feedback to justify it.

Then consider the average gig is not going to be five bucks, with many VOs reporting average gig incomes between $25 and $100: recouping costs isn’t as overbearing a challenge as it first seems.

Whilst they’re not GVAA rates by any standard, there are cases where Fiverr can be more expensive than Equity rates, it all depends on the gig.

When you consider a VO outside Fiverr is likely to expect £240 an hour as a base studio fee, plus usage rights, then think a minute of their time would be £5, what’s the difference, other than buying by the minute, rather than the hour? (and how a talent values their rights…)

When you look at $5 / $10 as a 1/60th fraction of a BSF it’s more inline with what the outside world charges than you’d first think.

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I just want to say to everyone that it may concern, I just realized something significant. You see I use fiverr every few months so I forgot about this. You can pay for broadcasting rights AFTER receiving the order rather than paying for broadcasting rights up front. So that was my mistake. Expect me to delete this post fairly soon if I can.

If you change the heading to “Please delete this post” a moderator will see it and deal with it for you.


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It is better to keep this post, someone may learn something new. It was a good discussion.

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