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.....please direct some of them to us......!

If you have much clients in your inbox, please direct some of them to us that are new to this platform. Help the new sellers. #HelpNewSellers

I am into article writing.

Thank you in advance.

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This is extremely unlikely to happen.

In freelancing you are responsible for your own success.


Well, am looking for partnership.

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That is not how Fiverr works.


I always wanted to ask this: why would someone with an established client base put their reputation on the line by directing their clients to someone they don’t know and have never worked with before?

I’m not being facetious, I’m genuinely curious.


OP, you should have gone for a jog instead of creating this thread. At least you’d have achieved something.

Nobody is going to send clients to a writer who has made a host of grammatical errors in his begging message.


Stop begging other sellers for work. It’s not a good look for you, it makes you look desperate and needy. If a buyer chooses a seller, it’s because they want that seller to do work for them. They don’t want that seller to ‘direct them’ to a seller that they are taking pity on. When will people realise that it’s not about some sellers being ‘lucky’, it’s about buyers choosing the seller who is the best fit for them. If you’re getting no sales, it’s because buyers don’t want to work with you. YOU need to fix that.

Focus on building your own business. If you opened a cafe, you wouldn’t go to other cafes and beg them to send you some of their customers. It’s no different here on Fiverr.


Also, please do not inbox any other writers on the main Fiverr site to ask for their excess work. If you were to do so, you would risk getting reported, and your account could get a warning :warning: or even taken down. :weary:


The begging messages would be pretty funny to read.

Dear cafe owner enjoying much sell, kindly send me some of your ravenous lunchtime patrons.


There is this sentiment going around that X years ago it was very easy to build a profile and established sellers basically did nothing and continue to do nothing but rest on their laurels and roll around in money. And it’s just… Good luck on your fiverr’s journey if you think that this is how it all works, I guess.

Fiverr is a walk in the park comparing to my last office job that made me have a nervous breakdown and quit it all. But it’s not easy.


“Sorry sir, we can’t serve you a sandwich today. I mean, we CAN, but we’re feeling really sorry for that Thai place that’s opened up down the road, so one of my colleagues is now going to show you to a table over there instead…”


Give a random article writer an order and they will be working for a day.
Teach a random article writer to get orders and they will be working for life.

Check the Tips for Sellers category rather than asking others to do your work for you.
Besides, even if I decided to give orders to some of my “brothers”, I can guarantee I would end up getting messages for months asking me for more and more and then probably getting a few sob stories too.


That isn’t a concern for some.

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OP no one is going to send their clients to you. Why would they?
You are supposed to get your own clients.

This is not a place to beg for charity. It’s a platform where we post our gigs and clients come to us, choose us, to do jobs for them.


Heard all and seen all. Thanks for all that commented. clients came through.


You are not looking for a “partnership”. You are looking for a “handout”.



heheheh well said buddy


He still have rights to think as well, who can stop him to do as? until unless no one respond to him.

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You look like a shameless beggar

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I disagree. We’re operating on a private forum, which has clear rules and guidelines. Writing posts begging sellers who have worked hard to give some of their customers to sellers who haven’t bothered to do the work adds nothing to the forum, makes the OP look bad, and is against the overall rules of the forum.