Please do what you say you will do!


I just hate it when they kick the darn price up on you before they even start to do what you said they wwould do for a fiverr.You just cant trust people even on this site.


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I had just started working on Fiverr again after a four-month hiatus and had about 20 orders in the queue.

It sounds like this would be the reason for the lost levels. I took a three month break, came back and had 10 orders in the queue, no cancellations and still lost my levels. The system is automated and for level 2 you have to have been constantly working on the site for two months and have 50 positive reviews (off the top of my head) so going away for a short time will lead to losing levels. Level one, you have to have been constantly working for a month...Fiverr CS probably didn't look into that part (did you mention it in your communications) to click that that is the probable reason and not the two mutual cancellations. I've had three cancellations this week for various reasons and it's not affected my levels.

If a buyer is asking for the moon, I ask them to buy the extras first. If they're not willing to do that then it's an automatic cancel or I ask them to send through something different for me to do that is within the gig description - the latter is something that the majority do.


Dude, to be frank, don’t expect a $50 job to be done for $5. You get what you pay for.

If the service is worth $5, then pay $5. If the service is valued more than $5, be willing to offer higher. Everyone likes a generous buyer as well as a generous seller.

Have you ever thought of it in a seller’s perspective?

“I just hate it when a buyer tries to lowball and get a $50 job done for a $5”.


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Eh, I sort of agree with everyone - to a point. But there are sellers here that live in areas where $5 is a decent wage for 4 hours of work, and there are also some who have justifiable reason to feel that they are being taken advantage of for only 15 minutes of effort.

The OP has a valid point being frustrated when the $5 gig is just a tease for the upsell. “Oh, if you want a logo that’s reproducible to larger than 5mm you’ll have to buy 12 gigs.” If a seller can’t/won’t at least provide the base of what their description details, they shouldn’t be able to sell it at all.

And to ease the use of implied ‘fine print’ - all the samples should have a little counter on them that say “This sample cost X gigs™ @ $5 each”.

Yeah, why did I bother typing any of this? Crooked people gonna bend/spin/manipulate/lie, and naive/decent/optimistic people gonna fall for it.


I all know too well about buyers demanding insane amounts of work for cheap.

There was one new seller on here that was struggling and they seemed very nice and the needed help with a fiverr intro video. I said I empathised with them and I would help them for free, so I spent 5 hours designing and making them an animated gig video which they loved and included right away.

The later won a contest via fiverr and had money to spend, then came to me and asked me to do similar kind of gig videos but for 4 more of their gigs fo $5 each…

After I told them the price of such work (I work for 3 gigs an hour) they told me they couldn’t justify paying that amount…

Even when your nice and give someone hours of free work, you still seem like the bad guy because you seem "expensive"

where as £2.80 per gig (which isn’t enough to buy a pint of beer in scotland) X 3 an hour, is less than the national minimum wage here.

It’s hard stuff…


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vedmak said: Samples from Live portfolio could have what you like on them,
I forgot the winkysmile, that was a joke. :)

I aspire to a fair and just world - and even put out effort to make improvements how and when I can. I do think about value v. exploitation, but I cannot police every merchant I deal with to ensure that they properly (and who am I to say what's proper for any individual?) price their work. And I certainly can't can't make buyers/clients/customers not exploit. Trust me, I try.

Communication is great - and often a solution - but communicating takes time too, and that just is not what Fiverr is about.


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Reply to @netgirlfriday:

netgirlfriday said: No, I am not. I'm saying that if someone orders a gig where you're advertising to edit 1200 words for $5, and they send you a 10,000-word manuscript and refuse to purchase additional gigs after you ask nicely, edit the first 1200 words and when you deliver, tell the buyer that if they'd like you to edit the remaining 8,800 words, they can purchase the appropriate amount of gigs for it. If/when they leave you a negative rating, CS *can* remove that, especially since they can see that the buyer was trying to extort you.

This is not a good idea. The negative review is definitely coming in if you do this and customer support will never remove the negative review without the buyer's consent.

I had first hand experience on this as it happened to me. Since this incident, I've rejected all buyers who are doing this or similarly along the lines of this and I only accept buyers who were willing to pay for the work to be done.

Everything has been going well for me since then, not so sure about why yours isn't.

I had two mutual cancellations that went on this week as well. 1 being a buyer who ordered my gig wrongly and 1 more where the buyer couldn't afford the project and was only willing to pay $5. That's why I was wondering why you made it such a big deal when you had 2 cancellations in a week.

This isn't lies by the way and you can check my gig out

Cheers! :)


Reply to @vedmak: I have to admit a morbid curiosity about how CS actually works. (Or the forum, or the main site, or how they trademarked “gig” - yeah, I may get disappeared over that one.) I would love to have a look through their stats, market research and procedural manuals (if they exist.) This place seems to defy ALL the laws of business operation and yet continues to grow exponentially.

Or maybe I’m just old and need to realize that most people don’t expect things to work properly and that quality is just a word worth extra “q” points in “Words with Friends” or some such. :smiley:


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I think a lot of people DO complete very detailed / time-consuming jobs for just $5, so it doesn’t surprise me if buyers expect the moon because some sellers do give it to them.

I think the best thing all sellers can do is be very specific in their gig descriptions what is and what isn’t included for $5.

If there’s upselling going on that isn’t clear from the description, that’s misleading. :confused:


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Reply to @vedmak: I said “trademarked” and I know the difference (and how screwy, subjective and at times silly, copyright, trademark and IP law can be). Yeah, it’s very complicated, but by strict definition anyone who would be using the word “gig” would be using it in the same or very similar context. It just doesn’t apply to much else. I was just mentioning that as an example of where I see their priorities lying.


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People can be VERY creative in just how much and of what they want for their money. The gig descriptions would have to be 10,000 words to come close to listing all the potential “not included”. The only real option is to be pinpoint precise on what one does offer for the $5.

Industry devaluation is a huge problem. Crowdsourcing is a blessing or curse depending on which side you sit. Unfortunately there is no governance. It’s funny, as an American, there are insanely strict laws forbidding me to gamble online or invest in certain countries, but there are no laws protecting me from being un/underemployed because my industry is systematically being outsourced to nations with lower costs of living.

This isn’t meant to be a legal statement and I am paraphrasing, but it does amuse me that my theoretical gambling is outlawed because of the ridiculous concept that the money could be used “to fund terrorism in enemy nations”, but multi-million (billion?) dollar corporations can act as agencies to ensure an income to residents of those very same nations. I remember when 99***** [edited 'cause it’ll get fragglesrocked anyway] showed up a few years ago and now there are places (very successful places) that are paying $0.14 for 200 word articles. Kind of makes Fiverr look like a millionaire making factory.

I absolutely, 100% believe people is people all the world over - good, bad and everything in between, but seriously a little ‘what’s good for the goose…’ would sure make sense.

I really should quit procrastinating about digging that ditch in my yard - the Fiverr forum is no place to be venting my world economy philosophies. :smiley: