Please don't be a victim to this scammer


Hello, Great Fiverrs,
Since a few days now I have been receiving a couple of messages with different accounts like this

Good Day, Please can you provide a bank account for - Four million dollars? I am the manager of bills and exchange at the Foreign Exchange Department. In my department here in the bank, we discovered an abandoned sum… I will inform you on what to do. Contact me if you are ready to do this deal:

Is this not a complete fraudster or scammer? Though I have reported to Fiverr. I just want to pass the information to my friends because I believe we are all struggling for a genuine reason and not to get rich quick.


Please can you remove the name, email address etc.? I’m sure the rest of the info will be useful.


Your post has been edited for content that isn’t necessary or allowed on the forum. The message you pasted is an example of a very common scam. They are never legitimate in any way. Report them as spam and move on.


Does anyone really fall for the idea some stranger who works at a bank is going to send them a spare $4,000,000 they happened to have found? Then they get the bank account number… then what?