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Please Don't do it!


Please, don’t placed as a demonstration pictures or videos of well known cartoon/animation movies, like toy story scenes, Minions, etc.

Don’t matter if you change it a bit or place things over it.

Yesterday I placed “a request” for a job, and several sellers placed offers with that kind of images/videos.

I as a buyer only can think two things about it

  1. he/she is stealing someelse job.
  2. he/she is not skilled enough to has his own base-work to show as demonstration.


One definitely should not use other people’s works (the characters) in promoting their gigs, unless they have some kind of permission from the characters’ creators to do so. If I’m not mistaken, it could be seen as violating copyrights.


Nearly all sellers in that field are infringing copyrights.
Using an image of Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt infringes the copyright of the photographers and the portrait rights of the mentioned persons, unless the seller has taken the photo himself and has a signed model release. This is just one example.