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Please don't give up on fiverr

I have posted about bad experience on fiverr few days back it was heart breaking and discouraging for me. it was the worst i have ever experienced. Now, I want everyone to know that there are good people (buyers) out there. I worked hard and earned great reviews I am so happy that hard work is paying off now. For people who are new on fiverr i want to say that please don’t give up keep working you will eventually(in few days) get there :smile:

Thank you everyone on forum for your response and support it wasn’t possible with y’all.
A Big & Special thank you to the goddess of motivational speeches for your support :wink:


So there you go! Not every day is cloudy or rainy, and even so, the sun always finds its way through to shine. :wink:

Just remember to keep a spare tire and a band aid at hand in case you need to replace a flat or heal your knee because of stumbling on a stone in the middle of the road. If that should ever happen again, and it might well do, just dust yourself off and continue. :slightly_smiling_face:

Important Notice: If in need to rant, you know where to find us all. :sweat_smile:


Loved the analogy it’s like a dejavu of Stephen covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people lol


Yep! Patience and hard work always pays off


Never give up. Slow steady win the Fiverr race.

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Thanks for loving it. :upside_down_face:

I haven’t read the book you’re mentioning, nevertheless, life can be walked, and should be walked, using common sense and cold thinking. :wink:


Great Congratulation Man :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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