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Please don't post "Thank you for the tip"

A long time ago, someone asked me if I cared that a seller states if or how much tip/gratuity I left. I told them I didn’t care.

With the recent changes on 5r, I actually do care now. When or if a buyer, well, for me at least, gives a tip, regardless of the amount, it should stay private.

Thanking the buyer in a PM is more than adequate. It may not be the best to announce that you received and how much.

I buy both for business and personal. Truth be told, I really dislike everyone knowing what I buy and who I buy from, frankly, it’s no ones business except for me and the seller I’m working with.

I sell on Amazon and as a seller, I want & crave reviews because that’s how I’m able to rank. I want people to know what I’m selling. As a buyer, not so much. I especially don’t want one seller knowing what I or if I tip another seller doing same or similar work.

I’d just suggest you ask your buyer if they mind before making it public.


I get what you mean but it’s not gonna stop people that think mentioning how much they got tipped is going to make them look better for some reason. When I get tipped, it’s primarily by return clients that are selling on Amazon.

The struggle is real. I used to slip in something like a little “Thank You” note (one completely compliant with policies) with my products which really helped.


That’s an excellent point Gina. Thank you for mentioning this.


I disagree. Your response to reviews is a form of advertising for yourself. When you say “Thank you for your tip,” you’re letting the world know that you’re a talented seller, who gets tips.


That’s true. But we have to be sensitive to our clients feelings. They are aware now of the reviews on their page. I would be embarrassed to have everyone see I left one seller a tip when I didn’t do that for others.

I purposely leave generic pleasant short buyer reviews. I don’t want to embarrass anyone.


That’s what the review is for. If I was a buyer I definitely wouldn’t like sellers advertising they got tipped by me.


I admit my “thank you for your tip” messages are sent directly to the buyer and not part of the review. Fiverr encourages us to say thanks. We have to thank people when they give us money, otherwise we’re being extremely rude.

I’m usually sensitive to their feelings when it comes to portfolio samples. If a project is controversial, I won’t allow the pdf to be a portfolio sample.

Why is that embarrassing? To me embarrassing is when people google your name and find things you wish you hadn’t done. I’m glad that on Fiverr I’m FC instead of my real name.

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If I saw a buyer left someone a tip who does what I do but didn’t leave me one I would feel hurt but then I’m pretty sensitive.


I’d second that. I’ve seen it so often as a tip to thank buyers for a tip ( :relieved: ) in the review/response to reviews, and it’s so common that as a newbie you get the impression that it’s the thing to do, but I always felt it inappropriate for privacy reasons.

I’d like to add, please do not post something like “Always a pleasure to work with you” if it was my first order, that’s disingenuous and, after all, I might never want to work with you again…
I realize you might be using a template response/review and not being disingenuous on purpose but then at least have two different templates for first-time customers and repeat clients, thanks.


Don’t get me wrong, thanking a buyer for a tip is definitely the right thing to do but it just feels out of place when responding to a review.

Sending them a thank you message is the proper thing to do. Honestly, it just comes down to personal preference.


I admit I would like to say in a review response thank you for the tip. But I thank them privately. It gives me such a good feeling beyond just the money when I get one.


I think the review section on fiverr is to talk about your experience with the buyer, either you get tipped or not.

For me, I’m not usually move when I see seller advertising that they just got tipped. Cuz, you never can tell if the seller was really tipped or not…

I think if you want to thank the buyer on whatsoever he/she has done, and it should be in the inbox :mailbox_with_mail: section. Then share your experience to the public.


I agree, it should remain private.
Also because the buyer may haven’t tipped other good sellers as well, and it’s no one’s business whether if he/she tips or not, and how much. I have always thanked my buyers in private for that :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t the review already do that? There are some folks who doesn’t believe in tipping so even if you deliver over the top, you still get nothing, at best, you might get a “thanks” for review.

5 :star: Gloring review about what you did and how much I liked what you delivered. You ROCK and blow away your competition in your [whatever gig].

I think already speaks volumea.

Recently when I was on a cruise, I asked the staff how the tips were distributed (I had paid in advance). I wanted to make sure the top people got what they deserve. They thanked me and said it was evenly distributed, but they also said a great review would be even better. It goes long way towards renewing their contract.


100% THIS! Buyers leave me tips all the time but what really puts a genuine smile on my face is when they tell me how much they liked the service I provided or how much it helped boost their sales.


I second this and I’ll add something: Don’t blow your own horn!

I get that it can be considered a way of marketing yourself to tell what you’ve done for the buyer and how amazing your work in the order was, but it’s a review for the buyer, not your services. It puts me off when I go to check on buyers profiles and I see other sellers reviews, such as: “I did this and achieved this for this client”

@gina_riley2 I haven’t seen you in a while but it’s good to have your posts back on the forum. It’s always good to have a buyer’s perspective regarding things.


Yes, crew members do need positive reviews to get promoted, but they also need tips, and if they told you otherwise, they were lying to you. A lot of people lie because in this world, it’s seen as shameful to desire money. We’re expected to act like money doesn’t matter, that we work because we love to work and the money is secondary.

Realtors today annoy me so much, they show properties on Instagram and Facebook and don’t even bother to show the price. “Come to our open house! See this beauty!” Why? You’re not showing me the price, so how can I value it? How will I know if it’s a great house or not?


Agree that the ‘‘TIP’’ should remain private. So, ‘‘thank you for the tip’’ message? Yes but in private. It can be really annoying for the client that it remains public as he or she won’t be leaving tips to everybody, just my opinion.