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Please , don't put a bad rating misleadingly on a seller


Hello All,

As a intro , I want to tell you that , I am a Seller on Fiverr for last three years. After passing a great week , I faced a disaster from a buyer last week.

Actually she was a non-tech lady, as we face always this issue. So her problem was, she was trying to move her website from one hosting to another. But interesting points was here:

1) The site she moved was totally corrupted, 60% files are missing
2) The hosting she was trying to move was poorly configured and permission issue. Interesting and frustrating thing was, no dev/system admin can solved that beside that server provider :open_mouth:

So what I have done there, I moved site completely and gives client all types of directions , how she can consult with that hosting company for fixing her hosting issues and what she told to them to fix the issues. We are always in touch.

Moreover, I saw some hacking codes the site we are moving, beside gig offer I have fixed them too as compliment service as I always want to make my client happy.

Then I asked for database , but as old one was custom vps so already her old hosting deleted it , so why she supplied me from her backup and I checked it and make sure it is perfect. When I am going to upload it , then suddenly she told me that she already install it and no need of me.

Then she just put a bad feedback and go away. But her and mine communication is great and in every steps and no problem between us. I just feel astonished. Now, you know what I do, I show that example any client come to me and tell them that, Sir, if you have same misunderstading in mind, please don’t buy my service. Because I provide 5 star service and always prompt communication and after project help to make my client happy. Don’t belive in that same week , I get 14 orders from another client and continue. he is so happy that, he is giving me projects and projects

Now with this story I want to give an important tip to Honorable Buyers , “Sellers run their family by selling service. Just contact us about what you needed before buy our service and if we don’t able to provide that, we will politely tell you sorry. We will also describe you why we can’t give you that service. But don’t misleadingly give us a bad feedback like above story. Because your one bad feedback our life long cry. I will request Honorable Buyers, just calarify us what you exactly want to have from our relative service and we will make sure you that perfectly with great communication and all types of help and quality task. Still if you are not satisfied then with a proper reason you can surely give us a bad feedback on our service or tell us to down that gig or you can go for a mutual cancellation. We will obey your request with great honor.”

Thank you for reading this long article. I hope it will help to make a good communication between buyer and seller.

I believe in great communication and great service. As I fully contributed fully in fiverr. In my past, there is some wrong in there. I have fixed them fully and back in business with strong ability. So I don’t hope a misleading rating from my buyers :frowning:


All of that is true.

However, if you cannot do the job, it’s important to refund it. If you do it and it doesn’t come out right, you’ll get a bad review or you’ll end up having to refund anyway.

Some buyers are unprepared to order, some don’t know what they want or aren’t the right buyers for you.


You can just pray and hope buyers are buyers they are entitled to their own opinions we can’t just force them yeah some of them are so sweet and other’s are just rippers.


I think you miss my blockquoted lines. If I can’t do it right, I am ready to get it for refund or having a bad review. As fiverr already have hidden reivew.


I agree with you. My tips for them that , if you don’t happy with my work, then just ask for refund. Why a bad feedback suddenly.


How can I make you happy ? What exactly you need , just calarify me that …


Well being human you can make them happy by your words and commitment and work , stop working where you think you won’t get good remarks even after hard work and there’s no certainty in it , yes you are right in my case 90% of the buyers if they had any issue they went for a refund but some of them gave me a bad review i also asked the reason they said i have to be honest and stuff like that you can’t just justify it its all on luck just have a good filter on buyers you want to work with.


No offense, you are going to work with a seller, not with a country.

You have every opportunity to see the sellers feedback and other comments to choose them they are right or not.

Still both seller and buyer has inbox to communicate so buyer can confirm if really seller can fulfill his/her requirement.

If any buyer wish to get to make with $5 :wink: as some gig described like I can make a website for you $5 then I have nothing to say.


yes you can just work hard :slight_smile: