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Please don't respond to these kind of messages ! [CLOSED]

Hello guys i have got this message yesterday

Hello Dear
My name is David Abbe, I have a serious transaction for you kindly reply to my direct contact for more details ************ Moderator Note: DO NOT post the email address of a scammer/phisher!!!
David Abbe

so my advice is don’t reply to these kind of messages just report them if you are going to reply these kind of messages you will be banned from fiverr because sharing personal contact is not allowed on fiverr.

Yes,thank you for sharing this…

Have you got this kind of message ?

OMG yea i also got this message i just checked it now and i was going to contact but Thank God i didn’t contact him thank you for telling me i will report him Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s scam don’t reply

i got this message but the account was already blocked…its a scam…

My gosh.
I also received that same message from the same user. I reported him in customer support and they replied that they will take required actions against this user.

He is banned by Fiverr :slight_smile:

Good to know that. :wink:

Lots of SPAM now days on fiverr ?

Yea i think Fiverr is getting more popular so some hackers are trying their tricks to hack people last month i got a message where the person was saying to click on a link and thank god i didn’t click on that link because he was a hacker who wanted to hack my account and get all the revenues