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Please down the order completion rate


Dear team,

Maintaining 90% order completion rate is one criteria for level today. But it would be great to down this up to 85 or 80, because this rate is not directly controlable for sellers.

The main reason is fiverr scamers. There are some buyers, they cancelling orders as a habit (in logo design, they get our logo ideas with few deliveries and send a mutual cancellation request as they dont like them).

Some buyers are placing orders mistakenly and cancel.

Again some are blackmailing us, as they give 1 star if we dont refund them lol :rofl:

and many reasons…

So please take a time to review this idea and happy to know other ideas of my sellers.



Totally agree with @prologo1


Yes exactly i have face this issue lot of times.


I would be also really happy if fiverr considers this idea. :slight_smile:
Kudos !