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Please experienced sellers suggest me what i should give reply to customer support now?

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I went through all the screenshots provided, and all I can say is that there’s nothing much you can do other than to try and persuade your buyer to accept the order (which I think is almost impossible at this point). Since you are willing to just cancel the order and move on, you can do that. However, as CS has already clarified, it will affect your stats. However, if I were you, I would not agree to cancel/refund (even if the buyer were to post a negative review). It is better than just giving away your hard-earned money and work for free.



I totally agree with you.If i don’t cancel the order it will be also a lesson for the buyer.I will post also a negative feedback on his profile and will write all details of his scam with me.
Moreover if i cancel the order then this buyer will get refund also with done work then he will hire some other seller and will do same as he did with me for just to get extra work then agreed work and then will still do try to get refund.
But here is also a question.
Is it possible if he reports to fiverr and fiverr will cancel the order that i have delivered now?

Unfortunately, it is possible. However, now that you have contacted CS, I think (I would like to believe that) the chance of that happening is considerably reduced.

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If this order is cancelled through fiverr cs then fiverr also will give me TOS warning :thinking: ?

No. Why would they? They would only give you a ToS warning if you violate Fiverr’s terms of service. As far as I know, canceling an order is not against Fiverr’s terms of service.

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I think i missed some words :blush:
If the buyer reports against me for any issue with order like this seller did not worked as requested blah blah etc…
Then if fiverr cancels order on buyer request then fiverr will also give me warning :roll_eyes: ?
I’m sorry for asking again because i’m little faddist :sweat_smile:


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There is another posibility happening, and that will be the buyer leaving you a review because you didn’t accept to cancel and, after some months, the buyer making a chargeback.

In this case, besides losing money & your completion rate dropping, I’m not sure if you also get to keep the “not so good” review, which then, in turn, would also affect your rating… :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I don’t think now it is possible because fiverr has worked on it few days ago.I remember i read here post of another user who told here about it.How he got money after charge back from paypal.He got an email from fiverr telling him that he got back his money after paypal charge back.Even that seller did not reported to fiverr about charge back and fiverr worked on it automatically .So no worry about it now :sweat_smile:

Please listen on gig agreement i have not given any revision but this same buyer is using revision tool so what is this happening.No revision offered but still buyer sending revision request.So anyone can tell what is this method this buyer is using?

Even if the seller doesn’t offer any free revisions, there’s nothing in place to stop buyers from abusing the revision button to request for free revisions from sellers. That’s how Fiverr’s current system is.

If you have already delivered what was promised to the buyer, just keep delivering the same files over and over again until the buyer stops requesting for revisions.

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So again this buyer tried to dispute order which i declined and reported him again to fiverr and got this response.So again what i can expect? :roll_eyes: