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Please, explain Buyers Requests

Are the Buyers Requests the same as Orders? How can one convert the buyers’ requests to direct sales? I joined Fiverr this month and super eager to get my first order. I get impressions and some clicks and some buyers requests, but no sales yet. I really want to meet up with the Level 1 requirements before the time runs out, and I also need assistance on how to create a quick response.

Can anyone, please, explain how these things work? I really want to learn how everything works around here. Thanks a lot.

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Hi Belyndab. Welcome to the Fiverr Community Forum. Here is a little explanation from me, maybe it can help you… The buyer request is a request from the project owner to you as a potential seller who will work on the project. So actually the buyer request is the same as the order from the buyer. If you have the skills to work on the project, make a reply to the buyer that you want to work on the project, complete with price and duration. Furthermore, the project owner will determine whether you will be selected to work on the project from many potential sellers like you. If you are chosen, the buyer will send you an email or message.

Buyer Requests (BR) are where someone who wants something done, rather then going through Gigs & Sellers to find the right seller, simply posts their job & budget. Sellers can scan any BR they are offered and make a proposal if they think it is a fit.

There are a few things to be aware of with BR. most are sadly offered way below real market rate budgets. Many have little to no development of the job Scope or Brief making them hard to price. Most will never respond if you seek to make their job/expectations clearer. I don’t know about here but in other places most of these sorts of requests are never filled.

While there are a few decent buyers in there, the common thinking is that the Seller has to chase the Buyer so they think they will get a better price and more features for the low price. All expectations of effort are put on the Sellers as generic pawns which makes for terrible buyers - or non-buyers as is most commonly the case.

Most people here report ratios of about 50:1 as a conversion rate on BR so don’t get too excited.