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Please explain Top Buyer Badge

Sellers have noticed that some buyers have a “Top Buyer Badge” but in discussions I’ve seen, no one knows how a buyer earns the badge. I am sure Buyers and Sellers would like to know. Could someone on Fiverr staff please offer at least a basic explanation on this apparent new feature? Thanks in advance!

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I think thats are buyers who have spent more then $150 on fiverr

I would love to know the official answer to this.

Reply to @skydesigner: Thanks. Did you find that anywhere official? I am hoping Fiverr put something about it in the ToS or Help topics or blog or anywhere. It would be so helpful to know if it is only based on spending or if it is coupled with reviews or any other criteria at all. I know of some buyers who spend lots of money on Fiverr but routinely leave very critical reviews and are super picky.

I also know of some that can’t afford a huge budget and some of my own buyers regularly just go for my $5 options but some of those are also very nice people, patient, and come back to buy more at least every other month. Even if it is just about money, at least it would be good to know what it means when you get a message from a “top buyer.” :wink:

I’d like to know what the Repeat Buyer badge is based on too because a few buyers who ordered from me have it but they never ordered from me before that so they’re not MY repeat buyers and some who I know have ordered from Fiverr several times don’t have that badge so it doesn’t seem to be that they’re repeat buyers on Fiverr either. Unless it’s just buggy.

This is a nice feature. I’m not too concerned with the specifics of it but it is great to show which buyers are steady fiverr customers.

Reply to @misscrystal: I have several regular customers who have bought from multiple sellers over months. Some of them do not have the badge. Since Fiverr didn’t post about it in the News section it makes it less likely that it has any meaning yet.

It appears to be random from my own inbox list. Perhaps it is a feature that Fiverr might add later so first they designed the pretty badge and stuck it on some fraction of the buyers in their database. If it doesn’t mean anything, what’s it good for? By the way, your positivity is great and I hope you are right.

I’ve seen some sellers say that the badge appears on some of their most difficult clients, though. Staff does read the suggestion forum from time to time, so this is a great opportunity for them to tell us if it does have a meaning.

Considering this is fiverr, I’m 90% certain that the badge will be based on total spend.

I have a buyer who has purchased over $3.000 worth of gigs from me and he does NOT have the top buyer badge. So, I’m guessing reviews has something to do with it, and maybe even how often they purchase?

(Said buyer only signed up on fiverr to purchase from me before the stars rating system and I’m not sure he has been active ever since)

It may be based on how many orders placed. Now whether or not they are legitimate or follow through on paying is another issue. Just got scammed by one of these “Top Buyers”. Multiple inqueries by “Top Buyers” in my inbox, and yes, I can confirm a lot are scammers. Some are, some aren’t. I don’t think the badge means much.

Few of my buyers have that badge, then one hasn t, and she like purchased from me only over a 500 bucks in a short period, so it is not the over 150 case. Then again I always give her positive reviews…so maybe is same like for us, certain number of buyings in certain period with excellent reviews.

excellent and very help ful :slight_smile: