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Please Filter the Buyer Request page

Hello Dear Mates
how are you friends?
i am facing too much issues on buyer request page. i am unable to find buyers on buyers request page.
there are too many sellers posting request for work on buyer request.
according to me if any seller post request like asking for work then fiverr banned him. but why fiverr admins are not filtering the page.
this is a humble request to fiverr admins to filter buyer request page


This has been requested several times over and nothing to date has been done. The only to way to deal with posters of this nature is to report them to CS with screen shots in hand. Many have done this over the years in hopes of cleaning up BR but to no avail.

Best course of action is to ignore them as the problem won’t dissipate any time soon. There are also multitudes of topics throughout the forum on this very thing dating back to the forum’s infancy days.

Just ignore them. Honestly for me the buyer request section is not converting very well so I gave up using it a long time ago.

Wouldn’t it solve the problem if fiverr was implementing a “seller’s offer” section built up just like the buyer’s requests, so that they could post their offers and other sellers wouldn’t have to bother with them?

please how do you now get your job?

You’ve just described the main Fiverr site - it is a huge 'seller’s offer section"! :slightly_smiling_face:

You advertise your gigs everywhere you can, retaining customers is the key (I have clients who bought 60 times).

Yes but with just creating a gig you can’t really actively offer your work. Your gig is there to be found for the customer but it requires you to wait and advertise outside of fiverr (or spam the buyer’s requests or the forum about how you want to find customers :D) I think if people would have a place where they could actively spam as much as they want without wasting other peoples time, then maybe that would be an improvement of the situation for everyone on fiverr. Or am I wrong there?

That’s the ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ section on the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

By creating a gig, you are actively offering your work. What you need to do then is to market it, which is the step any spammers aren’t willing to do I’m afraid.

Yeah but I think that’s kind of what I mean, maybe some sellers feel like they are not able to advertise themselves enough just in the forum. And if it’s about getting the sellers out of the buyer’s requests then yeah, it still sounds like a good idea in my head to have an extra section for sellers right on the platform.