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Please fiverr give me order


i have joined fiverr since one month ago and still haven’t received a single order what should i do #Experts help me


be creative and add gig extras creatively.

Post it on social websites.


Promote your gig through social media. Make sure you don’t spam anyone then give it time.


Before begging for gigs you should learn and read how fiverr works.


Reply to @solow13:

can you recommend me something ?


Reply to @ghulamali786:

I don’t think solow13 ( or anyone) can really recommend you a way to get orders,

I believe what he/she is trying to say is that read through the forum first.

Begging is not going to work, you will find TONS of useful/helpful tips

if you take your time to read all of them.


Just write natural Gig title and description and then you will automatically get large number of orders.


be creative when writing your GIG. try to online. and DON’T GIVE UP. share with social site and try to edit and give more creativity to your GIG. then you can check how many click you received day by day.


Bro! you opened a virtual assistance account and you’re asking for orders?

Men! what ebook did you read about fiverr before opening this account of yours?

And you even spread your niche scatteredly in your profile description saying:

"I can also work in Wordpress, SEO,logo desining,graphics designing and what ever according to your business need.Thanks "… what does this make you? A master of all?

com’on…the rule here is to focus on a niche and even better a sub-niche.

If those of us who focus on a sub-niche have been having low sales this month.

So, you need to be patient and perservere.

You may check some of my old posts on the forum to learn one or two things about making sales on fiverr, okay? Good Luck! :slight_smile:




Trust me when I say that the best thing you can truly do to start getting orders is to not be so earnest, relax a little, be informative, and focus on your strengths.

By being informative I mean using as much of the allotted space as you can to explain what it is you offer. That way potential buyers know what it is you’re offering and can read your terms and conditions.

By not being so earnest is to relax a little bit more. Your assistant gig shows way to much emphasis on the fact that you’ll be an assistant, and while it’s good that you’re explaining what it is you can do, by focusing too much on that you’re an assistant it makes you seem a little desperate, and to a lot of sellers desperation makes you seem willing to cut corners to get paid.

Also play to your strengths. Try not to lump all your skills into one gig, because often in the search engines it will end up lost in the sea of other gigs. Instead, break it down a little bit more. In your assistant gig, break down what you offer into separate categories. The writing ones in one gig, the illustrative guidance in another, and the business SEO ones in a third. That way you’re not offering just one lump sum, but expanding it and specializing in your niche.

Also do not be afraid to use the buyer request. When and if you do it, be sure to add an additional note to it as well for the buyer. A friendly message offering samples of your work for them to look at, and to negotiate pricing goes a lot further in establishing a client relationship than simply giving your offer and leaving. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve worked with from just being friendly and showing the initiative to negotiate.

Anyways. That’s all the advice I can really give at this time.


Also, you might want to proofread your gig description. Virtual assistants need to pay attention to details, and therefore sellers might shy away from one who has errors in the basic gig.


I just received this message when trying to view the poster’s profile: “The user account you are looking for is no longer available.”


Reply to @zeus777: I think you are right. spending time on fiverr forum is the best way to solution all question, so i recommend to “ghulamali786” that always active in this forum…


Reply to @ucwheels: I get the same message for the user @ghulamali786 who wrote the original post. Usually that means one of two things. In rare cases it means the user themselves wrote to Customer Support and asked for their account to be closed. Most of the time with someone new who appears eager for orders and then suddenly isn’t there it means they did something they shouldn’t have. They either sent out lots of spam to other users and got banned, or they broke some other rule while attempted to sell and got banned for that. Unfortunately some sellers are up to no good and others just panic over money and do something they shouldn’t.

The caution there for sellers who are in panic mode or spam mode is that it rarely results in good things. Patience and hard work is the best method!