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Please Fiverr Listen – The Audio Quality Needs to Change!

I know there have been numerous posts on this topic the past couple of weeks.

It has also been brought up on a staff channel by a pro seller. Please take this into consideration and do something about it.

This doesn’t make a good impression on clients and is also a disadvantage for sellers.

I don’t even want to know how many deliveries get rejected by clients, even the playback on the site (delivery window) takes a hit. It doesn’t sound right!

Here is a summary of posts in regards of the topic:


@annai80 you discuss with good topic :v::v:

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I have officially sent Fiverr a complaint about this today
64bit 22ktz Audio and 720p reduced to its lowest bitrate does not reflect on us good!

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So the one on the right is the file you uploaded (1080p30) and the one on the left is the one it actually stored after compression (720p60)? If so, its unusual that it doubled the frame rate from 30 fps to 60 fps. Allowing 60 fps is good but not changing an existing frame rate from 30 fps to 60 fps (maybe it thought it compressed better that way, though I imagine it wouldn’t usually be the case).

No , I tried various file compressions 30/60 frames a second and Avi variations the result was the same. And then I went to other sellers gigs who I know just added a gig . The results were the same. This morning I uploaded 4 variations 720/60fps/320k was the last one.
They all produced streamed video that looked the same and audio @ 64b 22ktz

I have also contacted CS about this. Let’s keep the pressure up until they fix this!


So it’s confusing if you put “before” on the one on the right and “after” on the one on the left but the one on the left (720p60) isn’t what Fiverr has converted it to from the one on the right (1080p30).

It would be better I think to put on the “after upload” screen the exact properties after upload of the one on the right (the one which was originally 1080p30 before uploading).

Sorry , it keeps the frame rate. Although it was converted from 30fps to 60 by imedia. So technically it’s not really 30fps. Basically audio is now pushed down to 22k from 48k no matter what.
This is the response from CS

"Unfortunately, this is not something that can be fixed as this is a system’s default and cannot be changed. The system will always change the audio quality for the video. "…

The one on the left is the original file I uploaded a few weeks ago. Still by main beef is the audio.

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No problem. I just think for showing to CS or anyone it would maybe be better showing the exact changes after uploading a particular original file. ie. just showing the properties after clicking on it from Windows Explorer and selecting the “properties” or showing the properties using the “MediaInfo” app, without anything converting it afterwards or not showing accurately the fps of the file directly after Fiverr has converted it - edit: or it being from a different uploaded file.

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So in a nutshell …
What ever the upload is encoded with the result being the same.
.720 at what ever frame rate your vid
.Audio @,64b 22ktz

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Uk1000 What was the original down conversion?
Before they allowed 720

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848x478 image resolution (16:9 aspect ratio) for the video and I thought a max of 30 fps.

You posted a screenshot of one with that resolution in the link below

I was going to upload a video at that ratio and see if the audio stays at 44ktz . That was the output so I guess I’ll see what happens. Could not remember the minimum video requirements from a year ago,.

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Steve please let us know what happens and if it improves or not.

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I will. As you can see it is vexing me so.

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Yeah all I can say is 64bit mp3’s is totally unacceptable these days for a media driven website. If soundcloud and other websites can house 320kbps mp3’s so can fiverr. I’ve easily lost about $1000 in the past year do to this issue because of clients cancelling orders because they thought the quality was terrible.

I realize that a client has to be pretty stupid to no realize something isn’t right and that the preview has been data compressed (how could things get lower quality than what you sent the seller…) but many clients are very ignorant and don’t figure this out, and I didn’t realize this was an issue until recently.