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Please fiverr stop destroying this industry

Hello fiverr team, this may be a rant but it’s extremely important to understand that while fiverr is a great platform that provides opportunity to people all around the world to use their skills and earn money, it’s also degrading certain industries. I have a small message for buyers who buy these services to avoid scams.

While you can’t differentiate the good from bad service provider, certain industries are getting hurt because the clients simply say “hell I can get it cheaper on fiverr” and this not only hurts the service provider but the client as well in long term.

Most industries that are seriously being devalued are video editing, graphic design and SEO. While I am not a video expert, I have some experience in graphic design and SEO. Specifically SEO.

There was a time when SEO services were considered the best on fiverr but that industry has come a long way and many services listed here are extinct and considered blackhat/illegal practices by google.

Industry experts are alarming people to avoid buying SEO services on fiverr because it hurts businesses/websites. While it does seem valuable to buy 1 million links for $5, remember that such huge quantity of links can’t be made manually or in a day without using bots. As such, these are not only low quality links, there are also extremely harmful and google will definitely penalize your website.

Also remember if you are being offered a DA (domain authority 90) link for $5 you can get it for free yourself. Because it’s probably a web 2.0 site or social network with the ability to write a blog. Anything within $5 - $50 range is what can you get for free easily. So please don’t make a fool of yourself.

Now I am not saying all types of SEO services are bad. There are some pretty amazing on-page SEO and content writing services available for cheap but then again you get what you pay for and anything for $5 is well isn’t even worth it.

So please beware, avoid such scam services and help save this industry. I’d also like to hear your opinion on this matter and looking forward to a healthy discussion.

Thank you.


I agree that when it comes to SEO services then Fiverr doesn’t have the best reputation. I’ve asked some of my clients to avoid Fiverr’s SEO services as well. I didn’t do it because there aren’t any good sellers, I did it because most buyers don’t know how to pick the right seller. They often go for the cheap backlinks or hire someone who can’t even spell the right keywords.
So I usually recommend them to hire a local agency. Someone who has a proven track record, happy clients and someone who’s able to work with the client over several months.

Here’s what I would expect from Fiverr
Increase delivery time: It takes months before you see the results from SEO. Fiverr however limits all services to 30 days. Maybe even offer subscription based services.

Increase the review deadline: A lot of the reviews are given when the seller has done the job but the results are not visible yet. I usually ask a testimonial from my outside clients 3 months later when there’s enough data to see if my solution was actually effective. Of course I monitor their website on weekly or daily basis and make course corrections when needed, but I can’t show them a significant ranking improvement within 4 weeks.

Educate buyers: This one is a bit tricky and probably not even Fiverr’s responsibility.
However, a lot of the buyers who come here don’t even know what SEO means so they aren’t even qualified to review the quality. If I outsource on-page SEO then I’m able to tell right away if the seller took the right steps or not. An average Joe doesn’t know it, they just need to wait for the results.

Build a funnel: Instead of offering services 1 by 1, Fiverr could try offering related service more aggressively. If a customer comes with a goal to improve their website visibility in Google then why not put the customer through a funnel.

  1. Set the right expectations by explaining that you need multiple services.
  2. Start by offering SEO audits.
  3. Then offer gigs for on page optimization
  4. After that recommend gigs for off-site SEO
  5. And finally do another SEO audit.

You can add or remove steps, but it should be obvious from the start that if you want to get results you can’t just hire someone to add 10 backlinks. You need to establish a baseline. You need to look at all aspects of your site. After SEO audits you might even need a consultant or a web developer.

Right now Fiverr is recommending similar gigs, but they should recommend related gigs or “This buyer also bought X service”.


That’s exactly what I am trying to convey. Thanks for the support.

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